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Open a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

The more you invest in funds, the more sense our fixed account fees make. Open your SIPP today for as little as £12 + VAT a month.

How our SIPP works

To provide The Share Centre SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension), we work in partnership with pension specialists, Curtis Banks. They will handle the application process, funding and any transfers from existing pension plans. Once everything's set up, you'll buy and sell your investments through The Share Centre.

Quick set up

  • Open your SIPP through Curtis Banks.
  • Fund your SIPP through new contributions and/or transfers from your existing pension plans.
  • Receive your welcome pack from Curtis Banks containing your sign-in details for The Share Centre.
  • Choose and manage your investments online or by phone with The Share Centre. 

Before you open a SIPP with us, please ensure you read and keep a copy of the Key Features DocumentTerms and Conditions and Fee Schedule. Please contact us if there's anything you don't understand.

About Curtis Banks

With over £9 billion of assets under administration, Curtis Banks is one of the UK's top 3 providers of full Self Invested Personal Pension schemes (SIPP) and Small Self-Administered Pension Schemes (SSAS). The Curtis Banks management team has been involved in self-invested pension products since 1977, a level of experience almost unrivalled amongst their peers. Curtis Banks Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Mrs  W of The Midlands

Customer feedback

"I have found the Share Centre to be a very professional company providing a wealth of information and a marvellous range of investment opportunities. The company provide well resourced guidelines for investors."

Mrs W of The Midlands

Costs & dealing options

Whether you invest once a year or several times a day, we have a dealing option to suit you. They’re designed to keep your dealing as cost-effective as possible depending on how often you buy and sell.



I usually deal less than £750 or occasionally


I deal more than £750 frequently or have a lump sum to invest

Dealing option fee (per quarter) £0 £20 + VAT
Admin fee £12 + VAT per month £12 + VAT per month
Dealing commission (per deal)  £7.50 for deals less than £750, 1% for £750 and above £7.50 
Regular investing 0.5% (min £1.00) 0.5% (min £1.00)
Automatic reinvestment 0.5% 0.5%

Other dealing fees

Stamp Duty Levy 0.5% payable on the purchase of UK shares (excluding certified shares on AIM and other recognised growth markets). Other rates may apply to shares listed outside the UK.
PTM Levy £1.00 on all transactions over £10,000.
Unit Trust & OEICs Any discount we negotiate for you on the initial fee will be used to buy additional units.
Foreign Financial Transaction Tax Payable on the purchase of certain European shares. The charge varies depending on the country.

Other fees payable on all dealing options


Transfer in (Flexi-access drawdown) Free
Transfer in (Capped drawdown) £75 + VAT
Transfer out £100 + VAT
- plus per account £25

No fees will be refunded in part or full when a transfer out is initiated. This includes but is not limited to annual and income facility fees.

Statements & contract notes

By email Free
By post £1.00 + VAT per month

Distribution of death benefits

Curtis Banks administration fee From £300
The Share Centre administration fee  £50

Taking benefits

Flexi-access drawdown

Establishing flexi-access drawdown Free for the first event, £225 + VAT for >1 each year
Annual income drawdown £195 + VAT per year (in advance)
Final payment and SIPP closure fee £250 + VAT

Capped drawdown

Establishing capped drawdown £225 + VAT
Annual income drawdown £195 + VAT per year (in advance)
Review of capped drawdown £165 + VAT

Uncrystallised funds pension lump sum

Establishing UFPLS Free for the first event, £225 + VAT for >1 each year
Final payment and SIPP closure fee £250 + VAT

Annuity purchase

Purchase fee £175 + VAT

How are my account costs paid?

Administration fee
Taken from your account on the 26th of each month or the next business day. If there is not enough money in your account to pay the fee, we will take the payment from the next credit to your account.

Statements & contracts notes:
Same as above if received by post (free if received by email).

Frequent dealing option fee:
If you’ve chosen our Frequent dealing option, the first payment is taken from your account when opened (and quarterly thereafter).

Dealing commission and Regular Investing fees:
Taken from your account as part of each transaction.

Other fees:
Taken from your account as part of each transaction.

Outstanding fees:
If outstanding fees increase over time, you will be able to see the amount owed on your statements. You can then pay into your account with a debit card via the ‘pay in’ tab on the ‘my summary’ section of our website. For other payment methods, please contact Curtis Banks directly. Please note, we may have to sell investments in your account to cover the fee owed.

What interest is paid on cash in my account?

Gross interest on any cash you hold is credited quarterly to your account at the Bank of Scotland base rate less 3.5%. The Share Centre may retain the difference between the interest paid to you and the interest we are able to earn, as permitted by The Financial Conduct Authority.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

To open or transfer a SIPP, you must invest at least £1000. Single or regular contributions thereafter must be at least £100.

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