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    Valued at 08:37 AM on 05 Sep 2015 using (at least) 15 minute delayed prices.
  • NamePriceChange
    Valued at 08:37 AM on 05 Sep 2015 using (at least) 15 minute delayed prices.
  • NamePriceChange
    Valued at 08:37 AM on 05 Sep 2015 using (at least) 15 minute delayed prices.
  • Investment research

Investment research
  • Thought of the Day: Four reasons why dotcom madness is not being repeated

    4th Sep 10:30 AM

    Techs are benefiting from massive valuations. Many are comparing stocks today with the dotcoms of the late 1990s. They say that a crash is unavoidable. Is that right?

  • Bull and Bear: At last, good economic news, this time on the US economy

    4th Sep 10:30 AM

    The latest economic news has not been so good. Surveys suggested that global manufacturing was close to recession, the UK was seeing its slowest growth rate since May 2013. Despair was becoming palpable. Then, yesterday, we had good news on the US economy, very good news indeed.

  • Bull and Bear: UK high street suffers the worst month since 2008

    4th Sep 10:30 AM

    Yesterday we had disappointing news on the UK economy from the latest purchasing managers’ indices. Today the news on the high street is even worse. What’s going on?

  • Bull and Bear: Draghi still trying to do what it takes with another bazooka

    4th Sep 10:30 AM

    Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank dropped a big hint yesterday that the Eurozone’s central bank is ready to announce even more quantitative easing. This does beg one rather big question, however.

  • Bull and Bear: One million interest only mortgage holders in deep trouble

    4th Sep 10:30 AM

    The Citizens advice Bureau as claimed that almost one million mortgage holders have not gone even close to paying off their mortgage, because they are on interest only schemes. Do you see trouble ahead?

Bwin switches to back GVC takeover

GVC looks to have won a gruelling battle for ownership of bwin.party, after seeing off 888 Holdings in a protracted takeover tussle...

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