If your investments fall in value, you could lose money. Tax allowances and the benefits of tax-efficient accounts could change. 

Dealing options

A choice of price plans to keep your dealing costs down.

When you buy and sell investments, we charge dealing commission. Our dealing options are designed to be cost-effective, based on how much and how often you deal.

Standard dealing option

If you usually deal less than £750 or occasionally, our standard dealing option is likely to suit you. With no dealing option fee, you’ll simply pay a percentage of the value of each deal.

Frequent dealing option

If you deal more than £750 frequently or have a lump sum to invest, our frequent dealing option could suit you. For a quarterly fee, you'll get a fixed rate of dealing commission on each deal.

Dealing option costs

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Dealing option fee - £24 per quarter*
Dealing commission £7.50 per deal for trades less than £750, 1% for £750 and above £7.50 per deal
Dealing commission for phone/post/email from 23 July 2018 £20 per deal for trades less than £2,000, 1% for £2,000 and above £20 per deal

*Charged upon activation and quarterly thereafter. 

Changing your dealing option

You can switch from standard to frequent at any time via your account settings. It will then apply to all your personal accounts.

To switch from frequent to standard, please email us at service@share.co.uk (quoting your customer reference number) or call us on 01296 41 41 41. Frequent will remain active until the end of the quarter you have already paid for.

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