Buying and selling
share certificates

Buy shares in certificate form or sell an existing share certificate holding
with our straightforward dealing service.

Closure of the service

In July 2020 The Share Centre became part of interactive investor (ii) and will be combining the businesses. As part of these arrangements, The Share Centre will be closing the certificated dealing service with effect from Monday 8 February.

All transactions will need to be completed by this date and therefore the following key dates will apply.

For certificated purchases, the last date to purchase will be Friday 29 January and for certificated sales the last date to sell will be Friday 22 January to allow for all appropriate paperwork to be completed in time. In respect of certificated sales, it is important to note that The Share Centre must be in receipt of all the correctly completed paperwork by close of business on Friday 5 February otherwise the sale will be cancelled within the market and the share certificate duly returned.

How certificate dealing works

Our certificate dealing service is an easy way to buy and sell UK shares in certificate form by phone or through the post. The service can be used by individual investors as well as companies, trusts, charities and for probate trades.

Open an account to start trading

The first step is to open a Certificate Dealing Account by completing an application form or giving us a call on 01296 41 42 43. Once the account is setup, the service can be used for occasional transactions or for regular traders who prefer to hold their own certificates.

Please be aware, in line with market practice, all deals involving a share certificate will settle at the earliest 10 days after the day of trade, provided we receive the signed CREST transfer form and share certificate(s)sales paperwork.

Certificate dealing benefits

green money bag in circle

Free registration

No charges for account setup.

zero pounds in a green coin

No administration fees

No ongoing costs, no matter how often you deal.

green stack of pound coins in a circle

Pay for purchases using a debit card

Quickly and easily add money to your account.

green kite in a circle

Sale proceeds straight to your bank account

Proceeds from sales will automatically be sent to your bank account.

How much does the service cost?

Service Charges
Postal certificate dealing commission 1%, minimum £35
Telephone certificate dealing commission 1%, minimum £50
Company registrars rejection £15
Account administration Free
Account administration Free
Account closure Free
Company registrars rejection £15.00
Duplicate contract note Free
Withdrawal of sales proceeds (3 - 5 day) Free
Withdrawal of sales proceeds (same day) £25.00
Withdrawal of sales proceeds (by cheque) £25.00
Bounced cheque £25.00
Late settlement fee* £40.00

*Please note that additional costs may be incurred to correct the trade.

Costs and charges illustration

The link below provides you with an illustration of the effect costs and charges could have on any future investments you purchase. It is not marketing material. This information is required by law and you are advised to read it in order that you can make an informed decision about whether to invest.

Download-Green.png View costs & charges sheet

How do I register?

Just complete an application form and return it to us or, or alternatively you can call our friendly Dealing Team on 01296 41 42 43 and run through the two-step application process.

What certificates can we sell?

If you're a UK resident, we can sell your share certificates as long as they are:

  • Ordinary shares which are dealt in sterling and subject to nomal stock exchange settlement.
  • UK Gilts

Telephone trading (Individual or Joint customers only)

1. Just tell us what shares you want to buy and how many, or the amount you want to invest. We’ll then seek out the best price available to us at the time we place the deal.

2. We’ll tell you the current price of the shares available to us and ask you to confirm if you want to buy the shares. If you choose to go ahead we’ll take payment (including our charges) from your debit card. You’ll be able to deal immediately up to the value of £25,000.

Please note: if you would like to deal above £25,000 then we’ll need to confirm that the money has cleared before completing the purchase. To do this you’ll need to send us a same day bank transfer (CHAPS or Faster Payment) and once we’ve completed the purchase we’ll send you a contract note by email.

3. When the deal settles the registrar for the company you have invested in will create a share certificate for the shares you now own. We’ll send this to you as soon as it’s delivered to us. This will typically be ten business days after the settlement date, although this can sometimes take longer.
Important: You must keep your share certificate safe. It is the document that proves your ownership of the shares and you will need to provide this when you come to sell your shares. If you lose your share certificate you will need to arrange for a replacement to be created with the company’s registrar, which will incur a charge.

Postal Trading will be available for all customers including Companies, Charities and Trust customers.  You will need to return a certificate purchase authority form for postal purchases.

Please download the relevant form from the Important documents section above.

Telephone trading (Individual or Joint customers only)

Please be aware that you can only sell over the phone up to a value £10,000, above this amount will need to be done by post.

1. Just tell us what shares you want to sell and how many. We’ll also need to know the name(s) on the share certificate (i.e. who owns the shares) as well as the certificate numbers. Please have your share certificates to hand when you call to place the trade.

2. We’ll tell you the current selling price. If you want to sell your shares, we’ll carry out the deal straightaway and send you a contract note and a CREST transfer form.

3. You’ll have five business days to sign and return the CREST transfer form along with your share certificate(s). It’s very important that you deal with the paperwork immediately as you have entered into a legally binding agreement. If there are any delays in sending us the correct documentation then unfortunately you will not receive the sale proceeds and we will have to buy back the shares and charge you any related expenses, including the late settlement fee as outlined in our tariff.

4. On the day the deal is settled (which can take up to ten working days) we’ll pay the money from the sale (less commission charges) directly into your chosen bank account by BACS. The money should reach your bank account within three to five working days.

Postal Trading will be available for all customers including Companies, Charities, Trust and probate customers.

Download the relevant form from the Important documents section above.

Please be aware that placing a sale limit order can only be done by post.
We can take orders to sell at a specific price other than the current market price. For limit orders up to 30 days please complete and return a Certificate Sales form.

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