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Our certificate dealing services have now closed.

Closure of the service

In July 2020 The Share Centre became part of interactive investor (ii) and will be combining the businesses. As part of these arrangements, The Share Centre will be closing the certificated dealing service with effect from Monday 8 February.

All transactions will need to be completed by this date and therefore the following key dates will apply.

For certificated purchases, the last date to purchase was Friday 29 January and for certificated sales the last date to sell was Friday 22 January to allow for all appropriate paperwork to be completed in time. In respect of certificated sales, it is important to note that The Share Centre must be in receipt of all the correctly completed paperwork by close of business on Friday 5 February otherwise the sale will be cancelled within the market and the share certificate duly returned.

How much does the service cost?

Service Charges
Postal certificate dealing commission 1%, minimum £35
Telephone certificate dealing commission 1%, minimum £50
Company registrars rejection £15
Account administration Free
Account administration Free
Account closure Free
Company registrars rejection £15.00
Duplicate contract note Free
Withdrawal of sales proceeds (3 - 5 day) Free
Withdrawal of sales proceeds (same day) £25.00
Withdrawal of sales proceeds (by cheque) £25.00
Bounced cheque £25.00
Late settlement fee* £40.00

*Please note that additional costs may be incurred to correct the trade.

Costs and charges illustration

The link below provides you with an illustration of the effect costs and charges could have on any future investments you purchase. It is not marketing material. This information is required by law and you are advised to read it in order that you can make an informed decision about whether to invest.

Download-Green.png View costs & charges sheet

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