If your investments fall in value, you could lose money. Tax allowances and the benefits of tax-efficient accounts could change. 

Ready-made ISA

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Ready-made ISA benefits

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Experts handpick and manage your investments.

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No UK Income Tax or Capital Gains to pay on profits.

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No account fees

No dealing fees, initial fund charges or monthly admin fees.

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Invest up to £20,000 this tax year

Your annual ISA allowance is set by the government. Withdraw money anytime.

What is a Ready-made ISA?

Our Ready-made ISAs allow you to sit back and relax while you leave the investment decisions to the experts. If you’re not sure what to invest in or want an account that doesn’t need actively managing, then a Ready-made ISA could be for you.

With a Ready-made ISA, rather than choosing individual investments like you would in a Self-select Stocks & Shares ISA, you simply choose which Multi-Manager Fund suits your investment aims, and the fund managers invest your money for you.

Plus, an ISA lets you put money away without having to pay any further UK income tax or any capital gains tax on the profits you make. That means more money for you to keep.


Our Ready-made ISA has no administration fee and no dealing fee, so all of your money is invested in one of our ES Share Centre Multi Manager funds. All you have to do is decide what you want from the fund: Income, Growth or a bit of both, and then choose the ready-made fund that matches you.

How it works

Our Ready-made ISAs are simple and you can get started in just three steps.

Step 1) Open a Ready Made ISA by following our easy online account opening process.

Step 2) Choose which fund you'd like to invest in.

Step 3) Pay in, either with a lump sum or by setting up a direct debit.Your money is then automatically invested in the fund you've chosen, leaving you to sit back and watch your money work.

If you don’t have the time or experience to research investments, or you just fancy a hands-off portfolio, our multi-manager funds are a great solution. They invest in a variety of funds, providing an even more diversified package of investments than a normal fund.

By investing in a multi-manager investment, you can spread your risk across a wide range of funds. Our ready-made portfolios suit a broad spectrum of individual needs and the managers aim to reduce risk by anticipating and avoiding areas they believe may be negatively affected by market conditions.

Three different Multi Manager Funds to suit your goals

Our Multi Manager Funds are a great and simple way for new and experienced investors to get exposure to a diverse range of funds, all in one place. With experienced and dedicated managers doing the hard work, all you have to do is choose your risk level.

We offer three different Multi Manager Funds for your portfolio, with three levels of risk to choose from. Each of the different funds works towards a different investment goal.

Click on the funds below to explore your options.


Our Income Fund is a lower-risk option that aims to provide a half yearly dividend payment to investors (paid on 1 March and 1 September).

This fund would be suitable for you if:

  • You want to receive a regular income.
  • Your appetite to risk is lower.

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Growth & Income

Our Growth & Income Fund is a medium-risk option that has a balanced approach, providing a half-yearly dividend payment as well as growth of your investments (paid on 1 March and 1 September).

This fund would be suitable for you if:

  • You want to receive a regular income as well as experience some growth.
  • Your appetite to risk is balanced.

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Our Growth Fund is a higher-risk option that aims to provide growth on your investments.

This fund would be suitable for you if:

  • You want to experience growth on investments.
  • Your appetite to risk is generally higher.

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Cash withdrawals

3-5 day transfers Free
Same day transfer £25
Overseas £50 (restrictions apply)
Cheque £25

Optional services

Statements & contract notes by post rather than email £2.40 per month


Transfer to another provider Free
Re-registration to certificate £25 per certificate


Bounced cheque or unpaid Direct Debit £25
Deceased customer account administration £100
Overdue fee charge - Sell stock (per investment) £7.50 (To recover overdue fees on your account we may need to divest the equivalent value of your investments, plus this additional charge to cover the cost of the trade)

Costs and charges illustration

To give you a feel for the costs involved, our cost sheet includes an illustration of costs you will pay, based on how much you invest and what type of investments you choose.

Download Black View costs & charges sheet

Payment of charges

Ongoing fund charges are automatically taken from your fund. If you opt for postal statements & contract notes, the fee will be collected from your account on the 26th of each month, or the next business day.

What interest will be paid on cash?

Gross interest on any cash you hold will be credited to your account quarterly at the Bank of Scotland base rate, minus 3.5% (min. 0%). We may retain the difference between the interest paid to you and the interest we are able to earn, as permitted by The Financial Conduct Authority.

Ready-made ISA FAQ's

The main benefit of an ISA is that you don't pay UK income tax or capitals gains tax on any profits you make in the account, whether that be from growth or dividends. And with a Ready-made ISA, you can choose the level of risk that you're comfortable with, giving you extra control over your portfolio.

While everyone will have their own time frames and goals, it is often recommended that investing is better over the long term. Investing offers the potential to grow your money and studies have shown that the stock market tends to do better than cash over the long term. This provides an opportunity for greater returns on any money invested over time and means that your portfolio can ride out any dips in the stock markets.

You can also choose how you want to invest; either with a lump sum or with a regular investment plan. By setting up a regular investment plan, you can pay by direct debit each month and this money is then invested automatically into your chosen Multi manager fund.

How much can I put in my ISA?

The government sets an annual ISA allowance, which is currently £20,000 for 2020/21.

Do I have to pay tax on any earnings?

ISAs are considered to be tax-efficient because they are free from further UK income tax or capitals gains tax on any profits made. They’re not quite tax-free as they can still potentially be subject to inheritance tax.

Can I withdraw my money?

With a Ready-made ISA you can sell your investment whenever you want, and get the proceeds paid into your bank account. Depending on how quickly you want the money there may be a charge attached.

Find out more information about our withdrawal process.

Our Ready-made ISAs are flexible, which allows you to withdraw money and replace it within the same tax year without affecting your ISA allowance.

Read more about flexible ISAs.