Our future with interactive investor

A practical guide to what to expect

Latest updates

  • Welcome, as a valued customer of The Share Centre, to the interactive investor group.
  • You don’t need to take action now although there are a few things you can consider to get ready for the future.
  • Please continue using your service from The Share Centre as normal.

What is happening

In February 2020 we announced that Share plc had reached agreement to combine its business, including The Share Centre, with interactive investor (ii).

In July 2020 we became part of the interactive investor group and the process of combining our businesses began. We will use this web page to keep you up to date on our progress.

Developing your services

Combining with ii means we can continue developing our services for you. Together, we want to make investing as simple and cost effective as possible. Our next step will be to write to you as soon as we can with information about what this means for you and any action you need to take.

In the meantime, it is business as usual for The Share Centre. Please continue using your service as normal.

Explore the future with ii

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About interactive investor

A trusted and safe partner with the scale and commitment to keep developing our services for you.

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Costs and charges

Value for you, through flat account and trading charges and three pricing plans for different needs.

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Investments and services

From how you manage your investments to the range available, interactive investor has choice and control covered.

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Market news and tips

Help with informed decisions, with fresh intelligence daily from experts and award-winning journalists.

Should I keep using my service with The Share Centre?

Please keep using your service with The Share Centre as usual for now. We will write to you as soon as we can with more information about what combining with ii will mean for you and the action you will need to take.

Will my money and investments be safe with ii?

Like The Share Centre, ii is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Your money and investments continue to be covered by FCA rules and protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, in the same way as they are now.

How does ii’s service compare to The Share Centre?

Like The Share Centre, ii’s priority is to help you take control of your financial future, so while there are some differences its platform service is broadly comparable to The Share Centre. It is built on leading-edge technology and will give you more choice in a number of areas. How you stand to benefit from this depends on your personal circumstances and we will write to you with more information about that as soon as we can. Nothing is changing at this stage. Your service from The Share Centre continues as usual.

Are my fees and charges changing?

Your ongoing fees and charges with The Share Centre are not changing. Our service continues as usual at this stage. Looking to the future, like The Share Centre ii is committed to flat account fees that do not grow with your account value. It currently offers a choice of three pricing plans to suit different needs, so you can pick the best value for you. Charges for trading are competitive and set at a flat rate for all trade sizes. There is no trading fee for regular investing. How you may stand to benefit from this will be covered when we write with more information about what combining with ii means for your personal circumstances.

Will I have to move to the ii platform?

That will depend on your personal circumstances. If we do ask for your agreement to move your account(s) to the ii platform you stand to benefit from ii’s leading edge technology and commitment to offering investors better value, choice, and insight. We hope you will want to try your new service. But if you decide it is not for you either before or after any move you can close your account(s) or transfer your money and investments elsewhere. You will not have to pay an exit charge in either case as ii do not charge these, so you have nothing to lose by giving your new service a try.

I was a shareholder in Share plc, what does all this mean for me?

You will have heard from us separately about what the merger meant for you as a shareholder in Share plc. You can find a reminder of the scheme of arrangement for bringing Share plc and ii together here.

If you have other questions

Please email iienquiries@share.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

Getting ready: what you can do now

There are some actions you can take now for your account(s) with The Share Centre that will help smooth the way for your future service as part of ii. You can complete all of these actions by logging in to your account, selecting my account and choosing the settings option.


1. Add a mobile phone number

If you have not already given us one. Your mobile phone number is used to help verify your identity if you need to reset your password on the ii platform and do not want to have to call the customer service team to do so.

2. Check your email address

To make sure that you do not miss any communication from The Share Centre, check that we have got an up-to-date email address for you, and that it is personal to you. If you use a shared email address – on a joint account for example – this will only work for one person if we ask you to move to the ii platform, so you would need to arrange personal ones for the future.

3. Review your preferences

If you have told us you prefer to be contacted by post, we will continue to contact you that way, but choosing email over paper for the future means that, as we move ahead with combining The Share Centre with ii, you will receive important updates as quickly as possible.