Why can't I sign in to my account?

Are you using the correct customer reference number and password?

Please check you are using the correct customer reference number. Your password and memorable word are different and are case-sensitive, so please check you haven’t got Caps Lock or Num Lock active.

Forgotten your sign-in details?

Forgotten your customer reference number?

Has your account been 'locked'?

For your security, your account will be locked if you attempt to reset your details online and answer the security questions incorrectly more than once. If your account has been locked, we'll send you a temporary password in the post to your home address. Once this is received, you'll be able to login and reset your details.

Are you able to access your account when using a different internet browser?

It is very likely that your problem is confined to one browser. Please try using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari.

Does your internet browser remember your sign-in details and automatically input them?

If your browser's autofill/autocomplete function is switched on, it might not be remembering your sign-in details correctly. Or perhaps someone else in your house also has an account and uses the same browser? Try deleting what has been automatically entered and re-type your details manually. If this doesn't work, hold down the CTRL, SHIFT and DELETE buttons on your keyboard to bring up the 'clear browsing data' menu. Then, clear all saved passwords and autocomplete/autofill history from your browser. For more information on this procedure, please refer to your browser's help section, which should be accessible from its main menu.

Are you accessing our website via a bookmark?

Due to website enhancements, your bookmark may be referencing an old version of our sign-in page, thus preventing you from signing in. Please delete or amend your bookmark so that you sign in via share.com/login.

Are you being redirected to our homepage or sign-in page even though you've entered the correct sign-in details?

You might need to enable cookies on your internet browser. Please refer to your browser's help section, which should be accessible from its main menu.

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