Introduction to new website features

Introducing some of the new features on our website including improved navigation and enhancements to the "My account" section.

  • My account - We've made it easier to navigate to the most frequently used services found within your accounts and changed the "My account" button to a drop down menu.
  • Filtering - You can now filter and sort your investments, watchlist and cash statements, allowing you to customise your holdings more than ever before.
  • Sign in - We've improved the security of sign in and made it easier to reset your details.

We have recently released the latest update to our website which includes a new sign-in process and some enhancements to the “My account” section.

  • Navigation – Whilst a number of our services are unchanged (for now), the navigation of the “My account” section has been redesigned. Your accounts are now accessible from any page (click on “My account” in the top right corner; this has swapped places with the sign in button) and we’ve placed the different options in more intuitive places.
  • Notifications – You can access our new notifications service by clicking on the bell icon at the top of the page. This will contain important messages, price alerts and other useful information and we will be exploring further customisation of this option in the near future.
  • Accounts – The view of your accounts has been redesigned. Amongst the general improvements to the layout and button locations, we have also added a “My investments” breakdown, showing the investment category breakdown of your holdings.
  • Pending investments – You can now view a list of all pending investment transactions, such as unsettled purchases, or incoming transfers, to provide greater clarification.
  • Further changes – Over the course of 2019 we will be releasing further improvements across our online services which includes the dealing process, withdrawals and direct debits.

Why do I need to keep resetting the lines per page control?

We will be adding some settings so that customers can control the amount shown and set a default preference.

I can’t find all my past deals in a single investment?

This information can still be found in past deals. Customers can filter the table on a specific investment.

Do I need to answer the security questions every time I enter sign in?

We won’t ask them when you sign in. These will only be asked if you need to reset your password or memorable word.

Why do I need to change my password?

To protect your account from being hacked, it’s really important that a password is hard to crack. We have taken the opportunity to strengthen the password requirements to help protect our customers.

I can’t find my Watchlist anymore?

This is available from the ‘My account’ button (which is now a drop down menu). We’ve moved many of the main items we feel users will want to gain access to quickly here. Once signed in the ‘My account’ button/menu is available wherever the user is on the site. In addition, the Watchlist can be accessed from one of the ‘tiles’ on the Account Summary page.

Why are screens like pay in and buying investments still in the old style?

Over the next half of this year we will be making improvements to these online processes and they will all feel like part of the new site.

Why can’t I find the History table?

This table has been removed as usage was low and was not being utilised by the majority of users.

Where are my pending deals?

You can find all pending deals and transactions under the 'Pending investments' option from the 'My account' drop down menu.