Why can't I deal in my chosen investment?

Take a look at the possible reasons below, then give us a call on
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US shares

In order to purchase, you must have provided us with a valid W-8BEN form to ensure you are not a US person and are paying the correct amount of withholding tax. We will need the completed form to be posted to us. We will only allow residents of US tax treaty countries to purchase US shares.

Complex investments

It is a requirement that you complete an appropriateness assessment before purchasing complex investments. This will need to be assessed annually should you continue to trade in investments such as the following:

  • Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs)
  • Nil Paid Rights
  • Warrants
  • Covered Warrants (please note, these can only be traded by calling our dealing team directly)

Interest Bearing Investments

These cannot be traded online due to the interest calculation required. In addition, deals in Permanent Interest Bearing Shares require your acknowledgement of the level of risk involved. Please call our dealing team to place your trades in the following:

  • Permanent Interest Bearing Shares (PIBS) 
  • Bonds
  • Gilts

Collective Investment Schemes

As a Retail client, the FCA require us to provide you with, and obtain your confirmation that you have read the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) or Key Information Document (KID) prior to purchase of certain collective investments, such as funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and investment trusts. If we are unable to provide you with access to the relevant document via our website, you will not be permitted to purchase the investment.

All of the funds available to purchase on our website are ‘clean’, which means we no longer receive trail commission from fund managers. In addition, where fund classes have varying ongoing charge figures (OCF), we will direct you to purchase the lowest charging fund that is available to us. Therefore, if you have chosen not to convert your trail paying fund into the ‘clean’ class, or your fund class charges a higher OCF than another class, you will not be able to purchase more units in your original holding. This means lower fund charges for you!

Transfer in Progress

If you are in the process of transferring from another provider, or lodging a share certificate, you will be able to see your holding before it has settled, but not sell it (usually settles within a few days).

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