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Recommended shares to buy

With so many companies out there, it can be tricky to narrow down the choice and spot investment opportunities. So let our analysts help you! The companies below are all recommended as medium/long term investments (approximately 18 to 36 months). Click 'read our view' to find out why.

Find the right shares for you

Start by clicking on the column titles to sort the list however you choose. To drill down further, you can find shares by investment objective and attitude to risk. These recommendations don't take your personal circumstances into consideration, so if you'd like to check whether they're right for you, we offer investment advice over the phone for no extra charge.

CompanyCurrent price
RiskOur view
Compass (CPG)1467.00 c +0.27%   FTSE 100BalancedLowerRead our view
Prudential (PRU)1608.50 c -0.37%   FTSE 100 BalancedLowerRead our view
Reckitt Benckiser (RB.)7311.00 c +0.80%   FTSE 100 BalancedLowerRead our view
Unilever (ULVR)3772.00 c +0.12%   FTSE 100 BalancedLowerRead our view
Diageo (DGE)2271.00 c +0.11%   FTSE 100 BalancedLowerRead our view
Bunzl (BNZL)2171.00 c -0.28%   FTSE 250BalancedLowerRead our view
Aviva (AV.)503.50 c -0.59%   FTSE 100BalancedMediumRead our view
BAE Systems (BA.)614.50 c +0.90%   FTSE 100BalancedMediumRead our view
BP (BP.)447.05 c -0.73%   FTSE 100BalancedMediumRead our view
Marks & Spencer (MKS)328.30 c -0.70%   FTSE 100BalancedMediumRead our view
Rio Tinto (RIO)3315.50 c -3.00%   FTSE 100BalancedMediumRead our view
Rolls-Royce (RR.)763.50 c -0.07%   FTSE 100BalancedMediumRead our view
Smiths Group (SMIN)1482.00 c -1.46%   FTSE 100BalancedMediumRead our view
WPP (WPP)1872.00 c -0.43%   FTSE 100BalancedMediumRead our view
Carnival plc (UK) (CCL)4346.00 c -0.28%   FTSE 100BalancedMediumRead our view
Babcock International (BAB)883.50 c +1.03%   FTSE 100BalancedMediumRead our view
ITV (ITV)202.00 c -0.54%   FTSE 100BalancedMediumRead our view
GKN (GKN)345.00 c -1.40%   FTSE 100BalancedMediumRead our view
Melrose Industries (MRO)210.50 c -1.29%   FTSE 250BalancedMediumRead our view
Mondi (MNDI)1865.00 c -1.22%   FTSE 100BalancedMediumRead our view
St James's Place (STJ)1084.00 c -0.18%   FTSE 100BalancedMediumRead our view
RPC (RPC)906.50 c -1.09%   FTSE All-ShareBalancedMediumRead our view
Inmarsat (ISAT)702.00 c +5.41%   FTSE 250BalancedMediumRead our view
Hill & Smith (HILS)1106.00 c -4.88%   FTSE All-ShareBalancedMediumRead our view
Informa (INF)657.50 c -0.75%   FTSE 100BalancedMediumRead our view
TUI (TUI)1124.00 c -0.09%   FTSE 100BalancedMediumRead our view
Costain (COST)384.75 c -0.77%   FTSE All-ShareBalancedMediumRead our view
Micro Focus International (MCR...2185.00 c -2.37%   FTSE 100BalancedMediumRead our view
Tate & Lyle (TATE)736.50 c -0.67%   FTSE 250BalancedMediumRead our view
Cineworld (CINE)639.00 c +0.55%   FTSE All-ShareBalancedMediumRead our view
Convatec Group (CTEC)231.70 c -1.28%   FTSE 100BalancedMediumRead our view
Smurfit Kappa (SKG)2119.00 c -0.38%   FTSE 100BalancedMediumRead our view
BHP Billiton (BLT)1307.00 c -2.93%   BalancedHigherRead our view
G4S (GFS)257.00 c -1.00%   FTSE 250BalancedHigherRead our view
Clarkson (CKN)2419.00 c -1.47%   FTSE All-ShareBalancedHigherRead our view
William Hill (WMH)268.20 c +2.52%   FTSE 250BalancedHigherRead our view
Dixons Carphone (DC.)300.40 c +0.54%   FTSE 100BalancedHigherRead our view
Telecom Plus (TEP)1210.00 c +1.17%   FTSE All-ShareBalancedHigherRead our view
Lookers (LOOK)125.00 c +0.80%   FTSE All-ShareBalancedHigherRead our view
Carr's Group (CARR)146.00 c -0.42%   General market BalancedHigherRead our view
Photo-Me International (PHTM)164.75 c -3.37%   FTSE All-ShareBalancedHigherRead our view
PPHE Hotel (PPH)752.00 c +0.79%   General MarketBalancedHigherRead our view
Smith (DS) (SMDS)449.10 c -0.68%   FTSE 250BalancedHigherRead our view
Restaurant Group (RTN)319.90 c +1.62%   FTSE 250BalancedHigherRead our view
Wincanton (WIN)281.25 c -0.79%   FTSE All-ShareBalancedHigherRead our view
Smith & Nephew (SN.)1205.00 c -0.74%   FTSE 100GrowthMediumRead our view
Experian (EXPN)1593.00 c -0.56%   FTSE 100GrowthMediumRead our view
Intertek (ITRK)3445.00 c -1.06%   FTSE 100GrowthMediumRead our view
Wolseley (WOS)4873.00 c -1.44%   FTSE 100GrowthMediumRead our view
Fisher (James) & Sons (FSJ)1530.00 c +0.13%   FTSE All-ShareGrowthMediumRead our view
Ashtead (AHT)1634.00 c -2.85%   FTSE 250GrowthMediumRead our view
Keller (KLR)845.00 c -0.76%   FTSE 250GrowthMediumRead our view
Hikma Pharmaceuticals (HIK)2108.00 c +1.98%   FTSE 100GrowthMediumRead our view
Vedanta Resources (VED)885.00 c -4.99%   FTSE 250GrowthHigherRead our view
Tullow Oil (TLW)265.10 c -3.07%   FTSE 250GrowthHigherRead our view
Randgold Resources (RRS)7650.00 c +0.72%   FTSE 100GrowthHigherRead our view
OPG Power Ventures (OPG)53.00 c -0.46%   AIM GrowthHigherRead our view
Enquest (ENQ)48.00 c -1.53%   FTSE 250GrowthHigherRead our view
Intl Consolidated Airlines (IA...526.50 c +4.46%   FTSE 100GrowthHigherRead our view
Amerisur Resources (AMER)22.50 c -2.17%   AIMGrowthHigherRead our view
Anpario (ANP)275.00 c +2.78%   AIMGrowthHigherRead our view
Breedon Group (BREE)73.00 c -0.51%   AIMGrowthHigherRead our view
Findel (FDL)200.00 c +0.87%   FTSE All-ShareGrowthHigherRead our view
St Modwen Properties (SMP)338.50 c +1.19%   FTSE 250GrowthHigherRead our view
Iomart (IOM)298.00 c +0.75%   AIM GrowthHigherRead our view
Paysafe Group (PAYS)414.10 c -0.58%   AIM GrowthHigherRead our view
Porvair (PRV)490.00 c -2.72%   General market GrowthHigherRead our view
Aveva (AVV)1918.00 c -1.54%   FTSE 250GrowthHigherRead our view
Genus (GNS)1734.00 c +0.35%   FTSE 250GrowthHigherRead our view
Finsbury Food (FIF)115.00 c -1.28%   AIMGrowthHigherRead our view
AB Dynamics (ABDP)595.00 c -0.41%   AIMGrowthHigherRead our view
IWG (IWG)256.80 c -1.27%   FTSE 250GrowthHigherRead our view
National Grid (NG.)977.10 c +0.60%   FTSE 100 IncomeLowerRead our view
United Utilities (UU.)978.50 c +1.50%   FTSE 100IncomeLowerRead our view
Vodafone (VOD)202.85 c +0.30%   FTSE 100IncomeLowerRead our view
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)1639.00 c +0.43%   FTSE 100IncomeLowerRead our view
Astrazeneca (AZN)4609.00 c +0.18%   IncomeMediumRead our view
HSBC (HSBA)650.30 c -0.38%   FTSE 100IncomeMediumRead our view
Imperial Brands (IMB)3836.00 c -0.12%   FTSE 100 IncomeMediumRead our view
Royal Dutch Shell B (RDSB)2166.00 c -0.73%   FTSE 100IncomeMediumRead our view
Marston's (MARS)131.00 c +0.23%   FTSE 250IncomeMediumRead our view
Saga (SAGA)185.70 c +0.11%   General MarketIncomeMediumRead our view
BT (BT.A)332.80 c +0.51%   FTSE 100IncomeHigherRead our view
Chesnara (CSN)349.50 c +0.50%   FTSE All-ShareIncomeHigherRead our view
NewRiver REIT (NRR)329.50 c +0.36%   General MarketIncomeHigherRead our view

Valued at 23:02 on 25 FEB 2017 using (at least) 15 minute delayed prices.

Please read our investment research policy to understand how our analysts reach their recommendations.