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Helal Miah

Share tip of the week, 4 February

Written by: Helal Miah on February 4th 2013

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Helal Miah, investment research analyst at The Share Centre, picks global leader in multimedia and communication technologies, Imagination Technologies, as his share of the week. Here’s why;

While the economic environment has had a negative impact on the sales of digital radios, sales of smart phones and tablets computers are proving very resilient. Imagination Technologies’ processors are currently used in a wide range of products and over one million devices with its intellectual property are being shipped each day.

Imagination Technologies has set an ambitious sales target of one billion graphics processing units per year within five years, however at its current growth rate it is quite possible. We believe the company is well positioned to benefit from the further adoption of gadgets and technologies by consumers.

We recommend Imagination Technologies as a ‘buy’ for growth seeking investors willing to accept a high degree of risk. Investors should also be aware that the company pays no yield available and there is unlikely to be any for some time.

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