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DIY Junior ISA

The more you invest in funds, the more sense our fixed account fees make. Open a Junior ISA today for just £1 + VAT a month.

Straightforward pricing

A fixed monthly admin fee of £1.00 +VAT makes our DIY Junior ISA very cost-effective and ensures that your charges are easy to calculate. No matter how much you invest, it doesn’t change. There's also a choice of dealing options depending on how often you intend to buy and sell, keeping your dealing costs as low as possible.

A lump sum for when they need it most

The money invested in a Junior ISA is released to your child when they reach 18 years old; it can’t be withdrawn before this time. The aim is to give them a head start in adult life: university fees, travelling, a car or maybe even a house deposit. 

Who can open a DIY Junior ISA?

Parents and guardians with parental responsibility can open Junior ISAs for children. This means you must have the legal rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority a parent has for a child and the child's property. Once the account is open, anyone can pay in money. 16-17 year olds are also able to open Junior ISAs for themselves.

Invest up to £4,128 this tax year

The Government sets a limit on how much you can invest in a Junior ISA each tax year (from 06 April one year to 05 April the next). This is known as your Junior ISA allowance. It usually increases each year, but there’s no catching up next year if you don’t invest the full amount. It’s a case of ‘use it or lose it’! The Junior ISA allowance 2017/18 is £4,128.

Quick set up, easy to manage

It only takes minutes to open a DIY Junior ISA online. As soon as you transfer some money into the account, you can start investing. Please note that you must pay in a minimum of £100 or set up a monthly direct debit of at least £10 to open an account. Check prices, track performance and manage your account securely online at or over the phone for no extra charge. You can even set alerts and 'stop-loss' limits to automatically sell shares at a price you're happy with.