Case studies

Explore our case studies across a number of publications, each focusing on our customers and the stories that explain how they benefited from our services in different situations.

Investing for a ‘KiddyBank’

Teacher Louise Ryan, and her paramedic husband James, have set up a Junior ISA for their daughter, Laila.

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Working towards a glitzy goal!

An Investment Club comprised of members from Glasgow, setup in the year of the financial crisis. The group did well in the years following the crisis, as their investments flourished they were able to achieve their goal of a lavish trip to Las Vegas for all the members.

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Success with the blue chips

Ruth Hitchcox, an operations manager from Bristol experiences strong gains in her portfolio of seven blue-chip stocks.

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Investing in the Jupiter Financial Opportunities Fund

Husband and wife team Tony & Janice discuss investing in funds using our Self Select Stocks & Shares ISA.

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Long-running Investment Clubs celebrate their best-buys!

Highlighting some of our longest-running Investment Clubs, looking at their best buys and discovering what their profits were spent on.

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