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Tax allowances and the benefits of tax-efficient accounts could change.

ISA Calculator

Stocks & Shares ISAs are very popular with investors since they can save you tax compared to normal investment accounts. But how much money could you make?  Use our handy ISA calculator to:

  • See how much your Stocks & Shares ISA could be worth in the future
  • Discover how much your money could grow in a Stocks & Shares ISA compared to your Cash ISA
  • Check what annual growth rate you'll need to achieve a financial goal

See how much your money could grow

Tell us how much you'd like to invest and for how long. Scroll down for help choosing your annual growth rateYou can recalculate as many times as you like with different amounts, so have a play around.


Your projected investment growth

Amount invested


Growth at %


Value after years


Choosing your annual growth rate 

Your ISA's annual growth rate will depend on what type of investments you choose. In general, the more risk you are prepared to accept, the higher your potential returns (or losses if things go pear-shaped!). For your convenience, our recommended shares to buy and Platinum 120 finest funds are each given a risk rating: lower, medium or higher risk. Although past performance is not an indicator of future performance, have a look at how some of these shares and funds have performed on an annual basis. It'll give you an idea of what annual growth rate you could aim for.

How our ISA calculator works

The ISA calculator is based on our Self-select Stocks & Shares ISA, and account fees are deducted as part of the calculation. Dealing commission is not deducted since it can depend on how many investments you buy and sell. Similarly, future ISA allowances can't be taken into consideration since increases are announced on an annual basis.

Projected investment growth shown by our ISA calculator is just an indication of how your money could grow. Actual growth will depend on your investments' performance, so you may get back more or less than the calculator indicates.