Companies reporting w/c 18 January

We give our thoughts on what to expect from companies announcing results week commencing 18th January 2021.


Experian Plc: Q3 2021 Sales and Revenue Release – Trading Update

The world’s largest credit data group has continued its expansion of the range of industries it services. Its original focus on financial services has developed into other areas such as telecoms, automotive, healthcare, identity checking, anti-fraud and debt collection advice and the public sector. The Company has also been keen to expand its geographic reach, particularly in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific, and to make bolt-on acquisitions where appropriate. The US remains its most important market where around 60% of Group revenue is generated. The share price is currently back to pre-pandemic levels.


Dixons Carphone: Q3 2021 Trading Update

Dixons’ interim results in December were impressive, showing good growth in sales of electrical goods in the six weeks up to 12th of that month, which gave the shares a useful boost. The Company has seen a big increase in online sales during the pandemic, helping to offset the enforced closure of its stores during lockdowns. Profits at the electricals business tripled in the first half, and in this update, investors will be looking to see if that momentum carried on up to and beyond Christmas. Any comments on prospects for 2021 will also be of interest, although the current lockdown raises a lot of uncertainty for high street retailers, including Dixons.

Burberry Group Plc: Q3 2021 Sales and Revenue Release – Trading Update

The trading update covers the usual crucial holiday season sales. However, unlike the previous year, curtailed contact between consumers due to the virus, the closure of physical retail outlets, fear over income and job losses is likely to have taken a considerable toll on the Group's sales. Investors will be expecting the luxury goods retailer’s online and social media presence to have helped mitigate the overall sales decline. The new range of products have been doing well and we expect these to take up a greater share of overall sales over legacy products. Meanwhile, further updates will be expected on the integration of acquired businesses and how supply chains are being managed amidst the Covid-19 outbreak

Pearson Plc: Q4 2020 Sales and Revenue Release – Trading Update

The share price is close to a 12-month high following a long period of difficult trading conditions. Investors have been hoping the restructuring the Group has undertaken will at long last start to be of benefit. Many also believe the ongoing pandemic to have bolstered demand for the Group’s online learning products, which it is hoped will be reflected in an increase in demand, continued over the longer-term. As ever, the performance of its important U.S. operations will be key.


Entain Plc: Q4 2020 Sales and Revenue Release – Trading Update

Formerly GVC holdings, Entain have been performing well over the lockdown period as customers flock to their online services. With sporting calendars relatively active, figures have progressed well, as was reflected back in October in the nineteenth consecutive quarter of double-digit growth for the Group's online net revenues. Investors will be hoping that momentum has continued in these segments now we are in another lockdown. Any other outlook from management regarding the Group's ambitious future plans to become the world leader in sports, betting and entertainment will also be anticipated.

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