Six of the best funds for your ISA

We look at six funds that have the potential to allow an investor to build a well-diversified ISA.

Article updated: 19 February 2019 3:00pm Author: Tracy Zhao

Schroder Income

The Schroder Income fund benefits from holding a number of large-cap UK firms with global operations that generate income. Further weakness in sterling should benefit this strategy.

Income focused funds tend to have lower volatility than growth orientated funds, potentially providing better protection from loss from a market downturn. However, it is unlikely to outperform in a strongly rising market, given the current market backdrop we are not currently putting much weight on this occurring. In recent years there has been a considerable equity income (dividends) yield premium over government bond yields, when viewed in a historical context. For those investors that are not reliant on income distributions could compound their returns overtime by reinvesting the dividends.

Merian Gold & Silver

The Merian Gold & Silver fund provides exposure to both gold and silver bullion as well as gold and silver listed securities. This strategy typically allows outperformance when precious metals are appreciating or in a bull cycle. Silver typically outperforms gold when both are rallying, thus providing a further boost to returns when compared to gold only funds. Gold has also maintained its purchasing power over the long-term despite short-term volatility. One reason that gold should have a place in a diversified portfolio is that it tends to respond positively to events that cause the value of fixed income and equities to fall. This fund is an ideal diversifier to incorporate into one’s overall portfolio.

Rathbone Ethical Bond

The award winning Rathbone Ethical Bond fund does exactly what it say it will do, provide a regular, above average income through investing in a range of bonds and bond market instruments that meet strict criteria ethically and financially. The managers combine economic analysis and specific company credit selection generating individual ideas. It is an investment grade bond fund that targets high yield, while focusing on strong ethical characteristics. The portfolio will consist solely of corporate bonds with flexibility to hold a small amount of high yield bonds but not gilts. With quarterly distribution, it is suitable for those investors with a risk appetite above cash and who are predominantly seeking income.

LF Miton UK Multi Cap Income

With questions remaining over the direction of Sterling combined with the barrage of noise around Brexit negotiations, the LF Miton UK Multi Cap Income fund’s focus on multi-cap investing provides some broad diversification while uncertainty persists. In recent months, the managers have moved the portfolio to a more defensive posture, trimming down holdings in mining stocks on the backdrop of weakening industrial commodity prices as well as companies with high borrowing.

UK equities are looking cheap against their historical average valuations. As price momentum became more negative in late 2018, the market sell-off triggered a few contrarian oversold signals. Over the long-term the UK is now looking good value for those prepared and comfortable accepting the near-term headwinds. Income distributions should provide some compensation to the near-term challenges.

Fundsmith Equity

There are 2,592 mutual funds in the Investment Association (IA) universe in the UK. In 2018, 2,377 or 92% of these produced a negative return. 13 posted a return of exactly 0% while just 202 produced any positive return at all. Fundsmith was one of the 202 funds. While the past is no guide to the future last year’s performance does highlight the manager’s ability to face up to challenging market conditions.

The Fundsmth Equity fund is managed by one of the industry’s most respected asset managers and founder of the business, Terry Smith. Terry’s investment style, unlike many others, is focused on high conviction, highly concentrated portfolios with a long long-term ‘buy and hold’ strategy. The fund has a preference to defensive companies who are resilient to change, specifically technological innovation, and who have existing advantages that are difficult to replicate.

Stewart Investors Indian Subcontinent Sustainability

In recent years, India has enjoyed good economic conditions primarily led by subdued inflation, lower interest rates and commodity prices (especially crude oil), a manageable current account and an appreciating currency. India’s stock market dynamics should benefit from expectations of further economic reforms, lower interest rates, surging consumer demand and growing corporate earnings.

The Stewart Investors Indian Subcontinent Sustainability fund manager's consideration is focused on investment in companies that are positioned to benefit from, and contribute to, the sustainable development of the countries in which they operate. The portfolio is concentrated with 40-60 quality holdings; has an average consumer discretionary weighting of 20% and has large exposure to small- and mid-cap stocks. This fund is suitable for investors that have a longer-term investment horizon and are willing to take risk in the emerging markets in return for great potentials.

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Tracy Zhao

Investment Research Analyst & Trainee Investment Manager

Tracy has a master’s degree in Financial Analysis & Fund Management, and a background in financial services and auditing. She supports our Platinum 120 preferred range of funds and works closely with our fund managers, undertaking fund research, analysis and MI reporting.