‘Tis the weekend for a shopping spree

As Christmas creeps closer, shoppers are predicted to spend billions

Article updated: 12 December 2019 11:00am Author: Lucinda Gregory

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With less than two weeks of shopping days before Christmas, festive expenditure is predicted to top £21 billion and with only three Saturdays in December before Christmas (and only two left as I type), spending on these days will be more pronounced, making Saturday 14th December one of the most popular Christmas shopping days.*

Given the choice of a battle for a parking space and the Christmas crowds in your local town centre, or getting all your shopping done at home while you put your feet up, it's unsurprising the latter is the more appealing option for many.

Christmas spirit vs Christmas budget

The breadth of choice, ability to check prices and convenience of having everything dropped off at your doorstep makes online shopping a no-brainer. Many of us hunt the web for discount codes for free delivery or a cheeky ten percent off but research shows the average spend on presents still tops over £400 per person and parents across the UK plan to part with £134 per child on gifts alone.

Whilst there’s an abundance of tips out there on ways to manage Christmas finances, sticking to a budget at the most wonderful time of the year is not as easy as they sleigh. Though you can make a list, check it twice and stick to it, use discount codes and search for the best deals, sometimes the spirit of giving takes over the budget plan.

Giving and saving at the same time

As mums and dads help tick off their children’s list to Santa, they should consider doing so through a cashback website when shopping online. For parents investing for their children with a Junior ISA, shopping through KidStart means they can build their children’s savings for free whenever they make a purchase through one of thousands of online retailers. Though it’s not just when purchasing gifts that parents should consider using KidStart, online grocery shoppers also provide cashback through KidStart, so when you’re buying the turkey and all the trimmings for the big day – you could also be contributing towards your child’s nest egg.

Using cashback websites for online purchases could potentially earn shoppers several hundred pounds for little extra hassle. The website could be a clever way of adding to their children’s savings pot while doing their normal shopping. It can also be used to save for nieces, nephews, grandchildren or friends’ children too and money can also be donated to a school or children’s charities.

*According to Money Super Market Shopping research, “Brits expected to spend over £21 billion” - This figure is based on the research that found Brits this year will spend £437 in total on their Christmas presents. 

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