Companies reporting w/c 8 April

What to expect from companies announcing results week commencing 8 April 2019.

The Share Centre gives its thoughts on what to expect from companies announcing results week commencing 8 April 2019; a quiet week for companies reporting.


RA International Group Plc – Q4 2018 Earnings Release

Full-year results are due from RA International, an AIM-listed company which provides services in remote locations, mainly in Africa and the Middle East, to companies, international agencies and governments. The company floated in 2018 and the costs had a significant one-off impact on the last set of results. Delays to some contracts have sent the shares back below the IPO price but in recent months the company has announced some major contract wins as well as the purchase of some land in Mozambique to support gas projects in the area.

We currently list RA Int as a ‘BUY’

Tesco Plc – Q4 2018 Earnings Release

Figures out recently continued to show how a decline in market share for the group to 27.4%, as a result of Aldi and Lidl enticing shoppers through the door. However there was better news on sales year to date which have risen by 0.5%. There has been a recovery in the share price this year in the hope that the group’s recovery remains on track. Long suffering investors will be hoping that management demonstrate a measure of confidence for the year ahead in regard to operating margin, Booker synergies and the overall brand.

We currently list Tesco Plc as a ‘HOLD’

Economic Diary

8 April UK GDP and Industrial Production results

The announcement of the latest quarterly GDP figures will be closely watched by investors in the UK; economists forecast growth of just 0.1%, lower than the previous result of 0.2%, negatively impacted by net trade. Following the year-on-year 0.9% decrease in UK Industrial Production in January, analysts expect a further decrease of 1.3% which would mark the sixth consecutive month of declining industrial activity.

In Europe, the European Central Bank will announce its latest interest rate decision on Wednesday. The general consensus is the rate should remain at 0% following the previous announcement of the new series of fiscal stimulus due be launched in September 2019. In January, Industrial production in Europe dropped 1.1% from the year before and forecasts see that declining further down to -2.1% in February. Over the pond, investors will look out for the release of the Federal Open Market Committee minutes, along with the latest inflation figures. Analysts expect an increase in the year-on-year CPI in March of 1.6%, following the 1.5% rise in February.

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