Companies reporting w/c 28 May

What to expect from companies announcing results week commencing 28 May 2018.

Article updated: 24 May 2018 10:00am Author: Graham Spooner

Graham Spooner, Investment Research Analyst at The Share Centre, gives his thoughts on what to expect from companies announcing results week commencing 28 May 2018.


Johnson Matthey (Q4 results)

The results may be overshadowed by news of falling demand for platinum in light of diesel cars being out of favour and the company’s future plans on developing batteries for electric cars, which in turn is likely to increase research and development costs. The majority of profit comes from the Emission Control Technology division, which has been performing well of late. With the share price close to an all-time high, the market is not expecting any major negatives.

We currently list Johnson Matthey as a HOLD

Economic Diary

Announcements for the w/c 28 May 2018:

1 June: US jobs data for May
Will the latest jobs data continue to reflect the good health of the US economy? It seems so with consensus expectations that the unemployment rate for May stuck at a lowly 3.9%, any lower and we could break below the unemployment rate we had back at the height of the boom. The economy is expected to have created another 190,000 jobs during the month, keeping roughly in-line with the average over the last couple of years. However, the hourly wage rate proved to be a disappointment in the previous month, there are some hopes for a recovery in monthly pay increases.

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