Customer Event at JP Morgan

The most recent customer event was hosted by The Share Centre alongside JP Morgan at their London offices

Article updated: 12 February 2018 10:00am Author: Paul White

We like you!

Why do we organise these events for our customers? We do it because we genuinely like to connect with you and we especially enjoy meeting you in person.

We want to get to know you better so that we can understand what motivates you, which then enables us to provide you with a range of information that will help you to make the right decisions for your circumstances.

We also always enjoy a chance to discuss what’s happening in the markets – that’s our passion, after all.

This time the discussion around market volatility has been quite a topic of conversation across the world, and has been all over the media, so the timing of this event meant that customers were able to have several conversations about what all the current headlines actually mean for them.

Somewhere you’d like to visit

We want these events to provide a chance for customers to learn something new, or to enable them to find out more about what they already know, but we also want to create a memorable social occasion, in a variety of interesting locations, where we get the chance to say an informal “hello” over a few drinks.

For last Thursday’s event, we chose the stunning JP Morgan offices located along the Victoria Embankment, the former site of the City of London School for Boys, founded in 1837.

Their impressive Great Hall was the backdrop for three key speakers from JP Morgan who delivered information about the current range of investment products on offer. There were also three key speakers from The Share Centre who addressed the subject that formed the background for many questions and conversations that evening: current market volatility.

A striking setting, framing an impressive range of knowledge

Over 160 Share Centre customers attended our event last Thursday evening; our largest to date, and we heard from:

Katy Thorneycroft, JP Morgan Portfolio Manager – Multi-Asset Solutions, delivered a presentation about a new type of investment, the JP Morgan Multi-Asset Trust plc, which is designed to deliver returns over a 10 to 15 year period.

Frances Gerhold, JP Morgan Executive Director – Client Portfolio Manager, discussed the JP Morgan Global Growth and Income plc portfolio which uses a stock-picking approach. 70 research analysts provide insight into emerging markets and innovation and capitalise on market disruption which can also provide good entry points for investors.

William Meadon, JP Morgan Managing Director – Portfolio Manager, described the JP Morgan Claverhouse Investment Trust plc which is 55 years old and is a UK only all cap investment trust. This Trust has had 45 years of consecutive dividend growth.

Richard Stone, Chief Executive at The Share Centre, put this event into context and welcomed our investors to the event.

Andy Parsons, Head of Investments at The Share Centre, delivered a joint presentation and Q&A session on the current market volatility alongside Helah Miah.

Helah Miah, Investment Research Analyst at The Share Centre, was last week invited to comment on this topic by the BBC and featured as a guest across several TV and Radio news programmes. He is also being interviewed today about the same subject for France24, one of Europe’s biggest broadcasters.

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