The Share Centre launches new website

Taking you through the changes to and our commitment to enhancing the customer experience.

Article updated: 19 April 2018 10:00am Author: Paul White

Paul White, Head of Marketing and Customer Engagement at The Share Centre, introduces you to the new

You may have seen that things have changed on recently. We're happy to have released the first of a number of improvements and enhancements to, with our new website having rolled out to all customers as of this week. We've been working hard, performing research, surveying our own customers and gathering feedback in order to bring some refreshing changes to our website.

Over time the old website had become oversaturated with information, which meant that some of the key content and support pages were harder to find. We've reviewed all the content on our site and have streamlined the pages, made the user experience smoother with easier navigation and responsive functionality; the site will now adapt its display depending on the users device, so it looks great whether you’re viewing it on a desktop PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Using a more modern system we're also able to take utilise advancements in web technology and speed to provide more interactive content on many pages.
As mentioned, this is but the first step in a number of planned enhancements and later in the year we will move onto the personal experience, and what you see and are able to process after you have signed into your profile, including the dealing experience, management of your accounts and checking statements.

We hope you are enjoying the new online experience with The Share Centre and look forward to releasing further services in the near future.

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Paul White

Head of Marketing and Customer Engagement

Paul is responsible for setting and delivering our marketing, sales and customer experience strategy, and is accountable for our product, proposition and pricing management. Previously, he held several senior management positions at The Post Office and Santander.