Shareholder perks

Share plc shares bring you more than just the prospect of dividends and capital growth, because a holding of 500 shares or more entitles you to an "Online Dealing Discount" in the dealing commission you pay when you buy or sell shares through your account with The Share Centre, using our online or mobile dealing services.

How can I get shareholder perks?

To obtain this discount you must hold 500 Share plc shares or more in your account with The Share Centre at the time of placing your deals, using our online or mobile dealing services. You will receive a 30% discount on all dealing commission paid across all accounts held under your Customer Reference Number.

This discount will reduce the amount of commission you pay at the time of the deal, for example:

Deal value £8,500
Frequent dealing option commission £7.50
Discounted commission £5.25

In this example you would pay only £5.25 in dealing commission.

Please remember: this discount of 30% against dealing commission is only available when deals are placed using our online or mobile dealing services. It is not received in the following circumstances:

  • Telephone deals
  • Regular investing
  • Automatic Dividend Reinvestment (both instant and quarterly)

Commission free dealing in Share Plc

We also offer commission-free dealing in Share plc shares for all customers of the Share Centre