Making our site easy for all to use
We are committed to making the information, tools and advice available through our website accessible to all users. We aim to meet the standards laid down by the World Wide Web consortium – the industry body that governs the internet – and to follow best practice principles of usability and site design in order to help all visitors to our site make the most of their visit.

The World Wide Web Consortium, (W3C) lays down 3 levels of 'checkpoints' covering accessibility issues. Our site meets fully all Priority 1 checkpoints, as well as complying with many of the more specific Priority 2 and Priority 3 checkpoints too. We will continue to work towards meeting more of these specific points over time.

All menus have been placed at the beginning of each page to allow screen reader users to link to the main areas of that page and other pages.

The size of the text shown on the site has been picked to be the most readable and appealing for the majority of users. You can make the text size larger or smaller to meet your own preferred size if you want to. Most web browsers will have a menu at the top of the screen entitled "View", where there will usually be an option titled along the lines of "Text size", "Increase", "Make text bigger" etc. This should give you control over the text size on the page.

All pictures used in this site include descriptive ALT-tag attributes to describe them. Where an image has no use other than being to illustrate the purpose of that page the ALT-tag is set to null to allow easy reading of the site by all users.

Text Colours
We have taken care to ensure that the site's font and background colour combinations contrast significantly and that the text remains clear when viewed in different colour combinations. Making our site as easy to use and accessible for as many of you as possible is an ongoing task as internet technologies and browsing habits change. We will continue to review all accessible aspects of our site, and do our best to improve in as many ways as we can.