Vision & strategy

Our overall purpose is to enable more people to enjoy
straightforward investing. 

This purpose drives a passion to serve the personal investor regardless of their wealth or experience and supports a vision to become the consumers’ first choice for investment knowledge, support, dealing efficiency and fixed fees, maintaining our independence, now and in the future. In financial terms, we believe that the Group can grow to be an independent retail financial services provider with market share, revenues and profits significantly greater than it enjoys today.

Underpinning what we offer is the commitment to deliver consistently high quality services to our customers. We want to continue to build the business to the benefit of all our customers, employees and shareholders and have a clearly defined strategy to deliver our vision, supported by our core values and brand. Most importantly, we wish to build our relationships with our customers based on trustworthiness and credibility.

The Group's growth strategy comprises of three elements:

1. Putting Customers First
We will fit our services to our customers’ needs, ambitions, knowledge and experience by providing the tools and support that are right for them.

2. Focusing on our Core Business: The Share Centre –
We will keep building brand awareness and earning our customers’ loyalty. This encourages our customers to act as advocates, helping to support further growth. In particular, we aim to share our expertise to empower customers’ decision making: walking alongside our customers.

3. Strategic Partnerships and Acquisitions
We will use partners’ brands to reach more customers, providing our services under a partner’s brand and we will keep an eye on our competitors for acquisition opportunities.

Source: Annual Report 2018