Group structure

The Share Centre

The Share Centre, the principal subsidiary of Share plc, commenced operations in April 1991 and its main business is the provision and administration of self select share services for personal investors, through which the following can be traded:

  • Shares, warrants, covered warrants and nil paid rights in companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market, AIM and ISDX;
  • Shares in certain companies listed on overseas stock exchanges where the shares can be settled through CREST and dealt in Sterling; and
  • Shares in open-ended investment companies and units in unit trusts, investment trusts, exchange-traded funds and exchange traded commodities;
  • Shares in companies traded on Asset Match.

The Share Centre provides and administers Share Accounts, Stocks & Shares ISAs, Lifetime ISAs and Investment Club Share Accounts to personal investors, both directly and through corporate customers, throughout the UK. In addition, The Share Centre acts as an administrator of SIPs and EIS Portfolios and promotes a SIPP product which is administered by a third party. The Share Centre also offers both stakeholder and non-stakeholder CTF accounts and provides Junior Individual Savings Accounts (JISA) for those children (UK residents) who did not qualify for a CTF.

The market for trading shares is very competitive and The Share Centre charges a commission of 1 per cent per trade (subject to a minimum of £7.50 per trade). Frequent or high value traders who pay £96 a year to obtain the frequent dealing option can deal at a fixed rate of £7.50 per trade.

If a customer holds sufficient shares in Share plc, dealing commissions can be reduced to £5.25 per trade by virtue of an Online Dealing Discount, a shareholder benefit.

The Share Centre prides itself on providing a high level of customer service and has a team offering advice to customers on investments and their general financial position. The Share Centre publishes a quarterly magazine, The Shareholder which is available online and contains advice and guidance on, amongst other things, investing in shares and funds, research and analysis on quoted companies.

The website for The Share Centre is


Sharesecure is a trustee custodian for both the Group’s and other third party corporate Share Incentive Plans. In addition to Share plc, Sharesecure currently provides corporate trustee services to Sun Hydraulics UK and Compass Minerals UK.


These are the main entities within the Group.