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Please remember: Our website can help you make informed decisions, not provide personalised advice. If your investments fall in value, you could lose money.
Tax allowances and the benefits of tax-efficient accounts could change.

Investment advice
for no extra charge

We can give you expert guidance on UK stocks and shares over the phone.

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You'll find plenty of tips and tools to help you find investments around our website, however nothing beats talking to an expert. If you're looking to buy or sell shares in UK companies, our plain-speaking Investment Analysts are only a phone call away. And the best bit? There's no extra charge.

How we can help

Not sure what shares to buy? Mulling over a tricky decision? Here's a few examples of how we can lend a hand:

  • Help you choose which UK shares to buy and sell
  • Give you shares advice tailored to your personal circumstances and goals
  • Review your current share portfolio
  • Discuss companies' future prospects (we haven't got a crystal ball, however we've got access to advanced analytical tools and news sources). 

Please note: we can only give advice on UK shares, not other types of investment. For more information about how we arrive at our views and recommendations, please read our investment research policy.

All part of the package

We believe in sharing our knowledge, insights and expertise to help you invest with confidence. Unlike other retail stockbrokers, we won't charge you extra for our investment advice service. It's one of the perks of having an account with The Share Centre, and you can call us as often as you like.

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