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What's the alternative? Could oil become a stranded asset?

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Are oil shares a stranded asset?

Gavin Oldham, Chairman, discusses the effect of supply and demand on the price of oil. Gaining an insight from our expert advice team on the oil sector with their top oil stock tips.

gavin oldham

What is passive investing?

As we introduce our new preferred tracker funds, Kirsty Edwards, Investment analyst, decodes passive investing, and explains how the TopTracker list helps inform investors’ choices.


Target Date Funds

Target-date funds offer a simple, flexible way to invest. We look at the Architas BirthStar range and their great investment tool to help you plan for the future.

Tax dividend effects

George Osborne’s revenue-raising will not hit all investors equally. Richard explains how you might be affected and how to best use your allowances wisely.

EU: Should we leave?

Richard Stone reports on the findings from our recent customer survey, as we continue to campaign for personal investors. 

Six of the best

Having trawled the stock market, Graham Spooner brings you six promising shares likely to offer long terms rewards.

Investment trusts

Investment trusts may be one of Britain's oldest investment vehicles, but they are still a reliable, long-term source of income.

Our finest funds

Andy Parsons discusses choosing funds that offer growth and/or income potential for the Platinum 120 range of preferred funds.

Investment guides

Investment guides

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