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Buy shares: Invest in International stocks

Fancy buying some Google, Facebook or BMW shares? The Share Centre’s primary area of business is the UK, however you can trade a limited range of international shares through us, as long as they are:  

  • Able to settle through CREST (the UK settlement system) in the form of CREST depository instruments. 
  • Traded in £ sterling

Trade during UK market opening hours

We can only trade from 08:00-16:30 UK time. This is not a problem for European shares but means that North American shares can only be traded from 14:30-16:30 each day (when both the UK and North American markets are open).

International shares traded in sterling

As we don't deal directly with the country of origin, we use CREST Depositary Instruments (CDIs). CDIs act as an envelope in which stocks can be traded in a currency which is different from their currency of origin.

US shares

We trade US shares between the hours of 14:30 - 16:30. You can place your order online, alternatively for a live price call our Dealing team on 01296 41 42 43. We deal in sterling and the Market Maker converts the price at the point of dealing into sterling. Before you place your deal you need to complete a W8-BEN form and return this to us.

Limitations to international shares

Please be aware that there are a few services we can't provide for international shares:

  • Live price feeds, charts and other statistics
  • Personalised advice from our Advice team
  • Buy, sell and stop loss limits
  • Handling or conversion of share certificates

Foreign Financial Transaction Tax

Please be aware that on some European markets, a Foreign Financial Transaction tax (FFT) is payable on the purchase of shares. This charge varies depending on the country so please call our Dealing team on 01296 41 42 43 if you'd like further details. On the flipside, most international shares are exempt from stamp duty (Irish shares are charged at 1%).