The Share Centre - 2017 outlook

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2017 outlook

Investment news, share and funds tips and what to expect for 2017

Global outlook

Our investment research manager Sheridan Admans, looks towards 2017 and what we could expect to see from the global markets including China and America.

Investment types

Following on from the global outlook, investment research analyst Sheridan Admans, looks at different investment types and their potential performance in 2017.

Share tips 2017

Our expert team pick six stocks that could prosper in 2017

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2017 expectations

For the third article in our mini series, our expert Sheridan Admans looks at reasons to be cheerful and fearful in 2017 focussing on the impacts from 2016.

Predictions for 2017

With another year gone by, Michael Baxter gives us his predictions for the year covering the changes in the US, the various European elections and beyond 2017.

Fund tips 2017

Head of investments Andy Parsons, reviews three funds that could do well in 2017

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Refresh your portfolio

Refresh your portfolio

As 2017 begins, our team of experts look at investment ideas to refresh your portfolio.