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Popular Shares

The highest number of trades at The Share Centre from 11 September to 15 September 2017. 

Updated 19/09/2017

Top customer stocks bought

Share name Deal in this share 
Interserve click here
UK Oil & Gas Investments click here
Jersey Oil and Gas click here
Empyrean Energy click here
Aviva click here
IQE click here
GlaxoSmithKline click here
Marston's click here
Frontera Resources click here
Vodafone click here

Top customer stocks sold

Share name  Deal in this share
Aviva click here
Vodafone click here
Intl Consolidated Airlines click here
Lloyds Banking click here
IQE click here
Jersey Oil and Gas click here
UK Oil & Gas Investments click here
Royal Bank of Scotland click here
Fevertree Drinks click here
Rolls-Royce click here


Review of three of last week's top traded stocks

Graham Spooner, investment research analyst, reviews three of our customers' buys from last week:

GlaxoSmithKline - Low risk

There was some positive news last week on drugs that are being trialled as well as FDA approval for a drug. Investors may also have noted that the share price was at a year to date low and that the yield is now around 5.5%. We continue with our buy recommendation for investors seeking income and willing to accept a lower level of risk.

Aviva - Medium risk

The stock appeared on both the most commonly sold and purchased list last week. There was no obvious reason for this, other than an outperform recommendation from one analyst. The business is more streamlined now and generates good cash flows. The shares have surpassed our previous target price and we continue with our buy recommendation, but view it now as being more attractive to income seeking investors willing to accept a medium level of risk.

Jersey Oil & Gas - High risk

The share price has been very volatile of late on the back of last week’s disappointing well results. There was a further update on Monday 18th. We currently do not have a recommendation on the shares. 

Ratio of buys to sells – 54:46

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