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EU Referendum: a vote to Brexit

The latest news and updates on Brexit and the EU Referendum

Politics & investing

The political landscape has proven to be fast moving and unpredictable in the last few years. Our chief executive, Richard Stone, comments on the relationship between politics and investing six months after the UK voted to leave the European Union.

Politics & investing

Six months on

Financial writer Michael Baxter looks Brexit six months on. Reviewing the impact on the UK economy and the prospects of the UK's decision to leave the European Union. He also looks at the US's decision to vote Trump as their next President and Article 50.

Six months on

Article 50

Our Chief Executive Richard Stone, looks at the High Court's ruling on Article 50 and how this could lead to increased delays and market volatiity. He also looks into the impact on personal investors and the idea of a second referendum.

Richard Stone

Brexit new hopes

Financial writer Michael Baxter looks at how the decision to halt Prime Minister, Theresa May from triggering Article 50 it unless she has parliament's backing, could actually be good for the economy and in particular the pound.

Michael Baxter

Markets punish UK

Financial writer Michael Baxter looks at the two ways Brexit can go and which route the Government will take. He also looks at the markets punishment on the UK for planning closed Brexit.

Brexit talks

Prime Minister Teresa May has announced the UK is set to begin official talks to leave the European Union by the spring of next year, as there are signals for a 'hard' Brexit and control over UK borders.


Good vs bad?

Michael Baxter looks at the good and bad side of Brexit as the pound drops again.

Remaining calm

Chief Executive Richard Stone, reviews how investors have reacted to the Brexit vote.

Potential benefits

We look at some of the potential benefits of leaving the EU which investors should consider.

Brexit Checklist

Head of investment research Andy Parsons, discusses five key points to consider when investing in volatile market times in our Brexit Checklist.

Tools to help you deal

Tools to help you deal

Here you will find the tools to help you manage your investments during volatile market times.

Latest survey

Latest survey

Our research showed that 56% of investors will be vote to Brexit.