Unexecuted limit orders

All the limit orders our customers have placed that haven’t been triggered yet.

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) requires us to publish unexecuted limit orders, unless a customer specifically asks us not to. They are on an ‘all or none’ basis, for T+2 Crest Settlement and in Sterling. For more information, please call our dealing team on 01296 41 42 43. 

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Epic Investment Action
ALM Allied Minds
AFX Alpha FX Group
ALGW Alpha Growth
ALT Altitude
ALTN Altyn
ALU Alumasc
AMER Amerisur Resources
AFS Amiad Water Systems
AMGO Amigo Holdings
AEX Aminex
AMO Amino Technologies
AMP Amphion Innovations
AMC Amur Minerals
ADL Andalas Energy
AGL Angle
AAOG Anglo African Oil & Gas
AAL Anglo American
AAZ Anglo Asian Mining
APF Anglo Pacific
ANGS Angus Energy

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