Unexecuted limit orders

All the limit orders our customers have placed that haven’t been triggered yet.

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) requires us to publish unexecuted limit orders, unless a customer specifically asks us not to. They are on an ‘all or none’ basis, for T+2 Crest Settlement and in Sterling. For more information, please call our dealing team on 01296 41 42 43. 

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Epic Investment Action
SPA 1Spatial
III 3i
DDDD 4D Pharma
FOUR 4imprint
7DIG 7Digital
888 888
ABDP AB Dynamics
ABC Abcam
AAIF Aberdeen Asian Inc
ADIG Aberdeen Diversified Income & Growth Trust
ANII Aberdeen New India Inv Tst
ASCI Aberdeen Smaller Cos Income Trust
AAS Aberdeen Standard Asia Focus
ASL Aberforth Smaller Companies
ASIT Aberforth Split Level Income Trust
ACRL Accrol
AIF Acorn Income
AEG Active Energy
ADAM Adamas Finance Asia

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