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Transferring a Child Trust Fund to a Junior ISA

Child Trust Funds can now be transferred to Junior ISAs if parents/guardians choose to. This is great news for the millions of children out there with Child Trust Funds who couldn't previously open and enjoy the benefits of Junior ISAs.

Child Trust Funds often have higher charges and less choice than Junior ISAs

Junior ISAs were launched to succeed Child Trust Funds, so in reality, they're similar accounts. However, Child Trust Funds often have higher charges and less choice than Junior ISAs. When deciding whether to transfer a Child Trust Fund to a Junior ISA, you must look very carefully at the differences between the accounts in terms of both price and features. Fixed-fee Stocks & Shares Junior ISAs like ours are often cheaper than Child Trust Funds with percentage-based fees, however this will depend on how much is in the account. Please note, we do not offer Cash Junior ISAs. With regards to differing features, a good example is that CTF annual allowances run from your child's birthday, whereas Junior ISA allowances run from the start of the tax year (April 6). Compare our child accounts to find out which suits you better.

You could save money by transferring to a Stocks & Shares Junior ISA with us

If you'd like to choose and manage your child's investments as you see fit, our DIY Junior ISA could suit you. There's a wide investment choice and a monthly admin fee of just £1.00 +VAT, with dealing commission from £7.50 per deal. If you'd like your child's investments to be managed by experts, our Ready-made Junior ISA is a hassle-free package with no monthly admin fees or dealing commission!

 When transferring a Child Trust Fund to one of our Stocks & Shares Junior ISAs:

  • Your child's investments won't need to be sold and repurchased as part of the transfer; therefore there is no chance of losing any income or growth whilst the transfer is completed. If your Child Trust Fund is held with another broker, this will depend on their transfer policy. Please note that when transferring to a Ready-made Junior ISA, the current investments will need to be sold and the money then invested into the fund.
  • Your customer reference number, account number and sign-in details will remain the same (assuming you are transferring from a Child Trust Fund held with us).

How to transfer a Child Trust Fund to a Junior ISA

Transferring your Child Trust Fund is simple and hassle-free. All you need to do is choose between a DIY Junior ISA and a Ready-made Junior ISA, then submit the relevant transfer form: 

If you're transferring from another provider, we'll liaise with them and let you know as soon as your Child Trust Fund has been transferred. It can take up to four weeks to process the transfer and you won't be able to deal whilst it's happening. Since the value of investments can fall as well as rise, please bear in mind that you may have a loss of income / growth whilst the transaction is being completed. If you're switching from a Child Trust Fund held with The Share Centre, the process should take less than a week.