Liontrust SF UK Growth fund

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Improving Financial Inclusion

Helping to improve global equality through connecting consumers and emerging nations to financial services

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Gender & Workforce Diversity

Awareness of workplace equality, ensuring fair pay and diversity within the workforce and on the board

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Extensive Experience

The Sustainable Investment team is widely regarded as one of the leading Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) teams in the Industry.

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Robust Performance

The fund consistently posts first quartile performance and outperforms both its sector and benchmark

The Fund

Liontrust’s Sustainable Investment Team is widely regarded as one of the leading Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) teams in the industry having worked together for more than 18 years.

The aim of the fund is to provide investors with long-term capital growth by predominately investing in the shares of a broad range of UK companies. In order for a company to be selected for inclusion into the portfolio, it has to meet a number of rules for environmental and social responsibility.

The team’s approach seeks to identify companies aligning to three overarching themes:

  • Better resource efficiency
  • Improved health
  • Greater safety and financial resilience

Companies that will benefit from, or provide solutions to, these issues areanalysed through a proprietary framework. Unique to Liontrust is their Sustainability Matrix which, having been used since 2001, gives each company a rating based on product sustainability and management quality. The whole process is overseen by the Advisory Committee whoprovide guidance and expertise in key areas of social and environmental impact.

Whilst this fund invests in companies relevant to Equality & Diversity, please be aware the managers also invest across other responsible themes.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) ‘Decent Work & Economic Growth’ is the highest exposed factor in the fund at 24%, encompassing increasing greater financial resilience, insuring a sustainable economy and better savings for the future. This theme mainly encourages growth through access to financial services. It is believed that a resilient financial services sector is necessary for economic well-being through the provision of banking, lending and effective ways to appropriately save for the future. From a broader perspective, the themes aligned with this SDG assist in promoting sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all; all of which helps combat inequality within society.

This is not the only SDG the fund is exposed to. It’s also exposed to SDGs such as Quality Education (4%), Industry & Innovation (17%) and Good Health & Wellbeing (22%), all helping to give a more holistic exposure to equality in society.

Example holdings

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What they do
Paypal A worldwide company that makes online transactions easier and safer for both consumers and businesses. By streamlining payment systems and grasping better connectivity, financial services should be able to reach a larger part of the world’s population.
GlaxoSmithKline One of the UK’s largest pharmaceutical companies with a robust product pipeline and R&D iniatives. Over the years, GSK has been expanding into emerging markets, helping to distribute healthcare on a broader basis to improve global health and equality.
Prudential Following their de-merger from M&G, Prudential is now an Asian-led business keen to promote competitive insurance markets. This is a service that the fund believes can spread risk for individuals and businesses, helping to sustain healthy economies, particularly in the emerging regions.