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ES Share Centre Multi Manager Income Fund

Our Income Fund invests in other funds whose underlying holdings are invested across equities, bonds and commodities. (Previously named
TC Share Centre Multi Manager Cautious Fund).

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Our philosophy

The funds’ assets are managed on a medium to long-term perspective, which we believe reduces the ever increasing effect of market noise and should help them outperform more short-term momentum-orientated managers over the long term. This may mean that the funds underperform their sector peers in some years, as the managers prefer not to chase markets, but instead look for assets or sectors which they believe are undervalued and have strong potential for a re-rating. Therefore, it is unlikely the portfolios will experience a high turnover and equally, we seek funds to invest in that also have lower than average turnover compared to sector peers.

Income Fund

Our Income fund aims to provide an income with some potential for capital growth. The fund is suitable for investors that prefer to have some exposure to large developed stock markets and have an appetite for lower risk returns. The fund comprises of other funds that invest in a mix of equities, bonds, gold and alternatives, which are used to diversify how much risk the manager takes to achieve returns.

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You can invest in our Multi Manager fund range in our Ready-Made ISAs. Leave the investment decisions to the experts with our hassle-free, tax-efficient investment package.

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Please be aware that some investments mentioned in articles linked to from this page are not available to invest in directly on our platform and are only accessible via our Multi Manager solutions. This may be due to a number of factors including but not limited to the investment’s domesticity, investment class availability or complexity.