Joining ii: Your step by step guide

We are combining our business with interactive investor for an even better investment service for you. Here is your step by step guide to what has happened so far and what to expect from here.

February 2020 The Share Centre and interactive investor reach agreement to combine our businesses. This is subject to shareholder, legal and regulatory approval.
June 2020 We receive all the necessary approvals.
July 2020 The Share Centre becomes part of interactive investor.
September 2020 We write to ask your agreement to move your money and investments from The Share Centre platform to the interactive investor platform.
November 2020 Most of you have let us know your decision by now. Thank you.
December 2020 Unless you opted out, we write to update you on what happens next. It’s still not too late to tell us you agree to the move.
January 2021 interactive investor writes to you directly to confirm your new service will start on Monday 8 February 2021. You can now login to ii for the first time to begin setting things up as you would like. Set up now.
February 2021 You can keep using your current service to check your account values and place deals until 4.30pm on Friday 5 February 2021. Your money and investments move to the ii platform over the weekend of 6 and 7 February 2021. Your new service starts on Monday 8 February 2021.
After the move Your old service from The Share Centre is no longer available.  You are now managing your money and investments on the interactive investor platform and can enjoy the benefits of our combined service.

Until your money and investments move

  • Please continue using your current service from The Share Centre as usual
  • If you have questions about the move that are not answered in this information hub or in Understanding your new service email and we are happy to help.
  • If you are unhappy with our service please follow our complaints procedure. After the move, you would follow the interactive investor procedure.
  • Throughout, your money and investments remain covered by Financial Conduct Authority rules and protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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