Should I keep using my service with The Share Centre?

Please keep using your service with The Share Centre as usual for as long as your money and investments remain on The Share Centre platform. Provided you did not opt out, your move will happen in early 2021 and interactive investor will write to you in January to confirm the exact date.

To make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible, we are setting cut-off dates for accepting and carrying out some types of instruction from you. Here are the earlier ones you should be aware of. You will be able to continue dealing in your account right up to the Friday afternoon before your move, and then begin dealing with ii from the Monday morning immediately following your move.

Transaction type Latest time
Withdrawing investments in certificated form 31 December 2020
Setting up a new direct debit instruction 31 December 2020
Requesting withdrawals by cheque 18 January 2021
Selling shares in certificated form and buying them back in an ISA 21 January 2021
Selling funds and buying them back in an ISA 29 January 2021
Transferring share certificates into your account 29 January 2021

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