February 2019

We regularly make improvements to our website. Here are some of the recent changes.

Limits & Alerts indicators

You will now be able to see if you have a limit or alert set on any of your holdings, indicated by an “A” or “L” icon on your list of investments. We’ve also added limits and alerts as options in the filter functionality so you can quickly and easily see all investments with a limit or alert set.


From our initial research and analysis, we’d identified that the history tab was not a frequently visited page on our previous website, however we received feedback from our customers that this was a well-loved feature, so this tab has been reinstated. It can be found in the account details page, alongside the Investments, Past Deals and Cash Statement tabs.

Linked account watchlists

If you have a watchlist on one of your linked accounts (for example a Junior ISA) you will now be able to view all the different watchlists. After clicking on your watchlist you will see a drop down menu to view other watchlists.

Linked accounts name

On the summary page, we’ve added a name indicator below the account details of any linked accounts to help you identify who the account belongs to. 

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