Changes in 'my account'

'My account' is now more easily accessible

We've made 'My account' accessible from every page after signing in. The 'My account' button now appears in the top right corner, and offers a drop down menu where you can also access the different options in your accounts.

Clearer options

We've changed the location of several of the services we offer and made the buttons clearer. You'll find 'Buy', 'Pay in, 'Withdraw' and 'Settings' (also indicated by a cog) at account level and from the 'My account' drop down menu now.

Sorting tables & filtering

Tables containing investment information have received many new customisation options. You can sort the tables by any of the headings (simply click on them), and you can click on 'Filter table' and select various options to filter the view, depending on the investment table you are looking at. If the table has more than 20 investments, the investments will automatically be split over different pages, but you can choose to view all by selecting this from the options at the bottom.

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