Why do I need to provide ID?

As a regulated business, we are required to confirm the identity of all customers at the beginning and throughout our business relationship, in accordance with guidance issued by JMLSG.

We will always attempt to verify your identity electronically in the first instance, however, on occasion, this will not be possible and we may need you to provide identification. This is common practice. We must be confident that we are speaking to the correct person and will therefore ask for specific documentation to confirm your identity if we have not been able to do so electronically.

Why couldn’t you confirm my identity electronically?

There are many reasons why we may need to ask you for identification. Here are some of the most common reasons:

Recently moved?

It can take a number of months for identity verification to be updated by other companies you use, and this is the information we check against, but to avoid any delay you can send us identification documents.

Which documents should I send?

If the electronic verification of your identity is not successful, you would need to send us:

  • A bank or building society statement showing entries within the last six months.

And ONE of the following:

  • Council tax bill (for the current year).
  • Utility bill: gas, electricity, water or home/mobile phone.
  • Benefits Agency letter confirming the right to benefits or the state pension e.g. child benefit or working families tax credit.
  • HM Revenue and Customs correspondence or tax notification e.g. statement of account, tax assessment, tax code notification.

Each document must;

  • Be the original (no photocopies or internet printouts - remember, you can request an original statement from your bank if needed).
  • Be less than six months old.
  • Show your title (Mr/Mrs etc), initials, surname and permanent residential address.

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