Why can't I pay money into my ISA or Lifetime ISA?

Have you already used your total ISA allowance?

The Government sets an annual limit on how much you can pay into ISAs. If you’ve already paid in your full allowance to your ISAs with The Share Centre in the current tax year, you’ll have to wait until 06 April before you can pay in more. If you have a Lifetime ISA, only £4,000 of qualifying payments can be made each tax year.

Remember, if you withdraw any money from your Stocks & Shares ISA at The Share Centre, the Flexible ISA rules apply so you can pay it back in as long both transactions are in the same Tax year (Flexible ISA rules do not apply to Lifetime ISAs).

Did you pay in any money to your Stocks & Shares ISA in the previous tax year?

If not, you can re-subscribe to your existing Stocks & Shares ISA by paying in online, which will prompt you to accept the ISA declaration again. There is no requirement to complete a new declaration on a Lifetime ISA unless you wish to open a separate account.

Have you paid into another Stocks & Shares ISA or Lifetime ISA with us?

ISA regulations only let you pay money into one Stocks & Shares ISA and one Lifetime ISA per tax year. You can continue paying into your chosen combination of ISAs (up to your ISA allowance and the £4,000 Lifetime ISA limit) throughout the tax year. Another option is to consolidate your existing Stocks & Shares ISAs, which could save you money on administration fees. You cannot consolidate a Stocks & Shares ISA with a Lifetime ISA.

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