Beaufort Securities spotlight on investments

We recently welcomed customers of Beaufort Securities to our service. We have spotlighted a number of the investments that have been transferred.

Beaufort Securities customers have experienced a challenging few months. Earlier this year, the firm was declared insolvent by the FCA, so the Beaufort Securities customers were waiting to hear what would happen with their accounts. We have now welcomed these customers to us and their accounts are in the process of transferring across.

Our Investment Guidance team have reviewed some of the more common holdings found amongst the investments being transferred across to us and provided a view on them below.

Motif Bio

Small AIM listed company, which specialises in developing antibiotics. The group does not make a profit and investors need to keep an eye on group cash, as research & development costs will eat into it on a daily basis. There has been a steady flow of news recently regarding its new drugs, but so far it has had little impact on the share price. High risk

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Tiziana Life Sciences

Share price shot up in August on news that it had filed a new drug application with the US authorities aimed at neurodegenerative diseases such as MS. There is every chance that the group will need to raise more funds in the future. High risk

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Range Resources

Small oil operations in Trinidad and apparently looking in Indonesia. About as high risk as you can get and share price has been in steady decline since 2011.

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Prospex Oil and Gas

A very small AIM company which invests in late stage oil and gas assets around Europe from Spain to Italy and Romania. The company has been trading at a loss for most of the past five years and the shares have fallen steadily since 2011. Investors should note that the spread between buying and selling is quite large. Very high risk.

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An AIM-listed software company which designs a range of mobile and online-based services such social networks and gaming sites. It focuses mainly on markets in Asia, especially Vietnam. Founded in 2013 the company is headquartered in Myanmar, is very small and has not made a profit since it listed. The shares have fallen steadily over the past year. Very high risk.

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This is a very small healthcare company on the AIM market which offers products mostly for women in the area of fertility, in particular for cases of unexplained infertility. Founded in 2013 the company has not yet made a profit and does not pay dividends. The shares have fallen sharply over the past year and are very high risk.

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This is a company focussed on developing drugs for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Management say that they have had various successes in R&D but after many years of little or no revenues, the prospect of this company turning a profit soon is a long way off and will continue to suck up funds for research. The share is popular amongst many penny share traders who should be aware of the very high risk associated with them.

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Smartspace Software

A small IT and technology services group formerly known as RedstoneConnect that operates in a crowded market place however it has done well in recent years by growing its revenues. It is active in M&A but a recent large disposal will mean that sales will be much smaller this year with a likely loss. The group’s focus will now be on providing software for smart buildings and commercial spaces, it still remains a prospect for investors willing to accept a higher level of risk.

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Rockhopper Exploration

There have been some interesting moves in the share price recently on the back of development works and financing, however this remains a highly speculative punt on the group finding an economically viable source of source of oil & gas and will continue to suck investors capital until it turns a profit, which could be sometime away.

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Tiny company involved in providing services for digital TV operators. The share price, which has been steadily declining since 2001 has fallen to less than 1 pence. Holders probably do not need telling that the risk is very high.

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NQ Minerals

Holding company focussing on exploration for minerals in Australia. The share price has moved higher this year on the back of updates regarding three ongoing projects in Tasmania and North Queensland. High risk

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Victoria Oil & Gas

The company has gas operations in Cameroon. The share price over the past five years has fluctuated between a low of around 30p to a high of 80p. Investors should focus on expansion plans for compressed gas in other parts of Africa and the outlook for Cameroon. High risk

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All information given including prices, yields and our opinion is correct at the time of publication. Our opinions on investments can change at any time and for our latest view please go to To understand how our Investment research team arrive at their views please read our Investment Research Policy.