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Every quarter, the constituents of the FTSE 100 are officially re-evaluated. This may lead to several companies leaving the FTSE 100 and should this be the case, we will retain "our view" for investors to read for up to one month after the re-evaluation.

Our view on each FTSE 100 share

Investment Sector Price(p) Change Our View Objective Risk Deal
3i (III) General Financial 861.20 c  -1.15% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Admiral (ADM) Non-life insurance 1857.00 c  -1.54% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Anglo American (AAL) Mining 1657.00 c  -2.28% Hold  Growth    Higher  
Antofagasta (ANTO) Mining 942.00 c  -1.01% Hold  Growth    Higher  
Ashtead (AHT) Support Services 1906.00 c  -0.26% Buy   Growth    Medium   
Associated British Foods (AB... Food Producers 2447.00 c  +0.70% Hold  Growth    Medium   
Astrazeneca (AZN) Pharma & Biotech. 4790.50 c  -0.94% Buy   Income    Medium   
Aviva (AV.) Life Insurance 494.50 c  -2.16% Buy   Income    Medium   
BAE Systems (BA.) Aerospace & Defense 565.20 c  -1.01% Buy   Balanced    Medium   
BAT (BATS) Tobacco 3921.50 c  +0.94% Hold  Income    Lower  
BHP Billiton (BLT) Mining 1392.80 c  -0.04% Buy   Balanced    Higher  
BP (BP.) Oil & Gas Producers 462.70 c  -0.18% Buy   Balanced    Medium   
BT (BT.A) Fixed Line Telecom 219.45 c  +0.18% Hold  Income    Medium   
Barclays (BARC) Banks 204.15 c  -1.28% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Barratt Developments (BDEV) Construction & Materials 525.20 c  +1.00% Hold  Growth    Higher  
Berkeley (BKG) Household Goods & Home Construction 3762.00 c  +0.51% Hold  Income    Medium   
British Land (BLND) Real Estate 638.60 c  -0.84% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Bunzl (BNZL) Support Services 1994.50 c  -0.57% Buy   Balanced    Lower  
Burberry (BRBY) Personal Goods 1651.00 c  -0.18% Hold  Growth    Medium   
CRH (CRH) Construction & Materials 2382.00 c  -0.38% Buy   Balanced    Medium   
Carnival plc (UK) (CCL) Travel & Leisure 4582.00 c  -2.11% Buy   Balanced    Medium   
Centrica (CNA) Gas, Water & Utilities 134.60 c  +2.12% Hold  Income    Medium   
Coca Cola Hbc (CCH) Beverages 2492.00 c  -1.74% Hold  Growth    Medium   
Compass (CPG) Travel & Leisure 1467.50 c  -1.54% Buy   Balanced    Lower  
Croda International (CRDA) Chemicals 4474.00 c  -0.31% Hold  Growth    Medium   
DCC (DCC) Support Services 6550.00 c  -1.13% Hold  Growth    Medium   
Diageo (DGE) Beverages 2361.00 c  -0.74% Buy   Balanced    Lower  
Direct Line Insurance (DLG) Non-life insurance 376.10 c  -2.06% Hold  Income    Medium   
EasyJet (EZJ) Travel & Leisure 1597.00 c  -0.13% Buy   Balanced    Medium   
Evraz (EVR) Industrial Metals 437.50 c  +0.48% Hold  Growth    Higher  
Experian (EXPN) Support Services 1539.00 c  -1.19% Buy   Growth    Medium   
Ferguson (FERG) Support Services 5216.00 c  +0.12% Buy   Growth    Medium   
Fresnillo (FRES) Mining 1207.50 c  +4.18% Hold  Growth    Higher  
G4S (GFS) Support Services 240.40 c  +0.67% Buy   Balanced    Medium   
GKN (GKN) Automobiles & Parts 428.30 c  -0.23% Hold  Balanced    Higher  
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Pharma & Biotech. 1320.20 c  +3.28% Buy   Income    Lower  
Glencore (GLEN) Mining 357.85 c  -0.19% Hold  Growth    Higher  
HSBC (HSBA) Banks 666.70 c  -1.67% Buy   Income    Medium   
Halma (HLMA) Industrial Engineering 1153.00 c  -0.60% Hold  Growth    Medium   
Hammerson (HMSO) Real Estate 551.80 c  -0.68% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Hargreaves Lansdown (HL.) General Financial 1664.00 c  -1.63% Hold  Growth    Medium   
ITV (ITV) Media 145.50 c  +0.45% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Imperial Brands (IMB) Tobacco 2379.50 c  +0.59% Buy   Income    Medium   
Informa (INF) Media 712.40 c  -0.89% Buy   Balanced    Medium   
Intercontinental Hotels (IHG... Travel & Leisure 4324.00 c  -2.09% Hold  Growth    Medium   
Intertek (ITRK) Support Services 4704.00 c  -2.45% Buy   Growth    Medium   
Intl Consolidated Airlines (... Travel & Leisure 599.40 c  -1.90% Buy   Growth    Higher  
Johnson Matthey (JMAT) Chemicals 3093.00 c  -0.48% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Just Eat (JE.) General Retailers 704.00 c  -2.03% Hold  Growth    Medium   
Kingfisher (KGF) General Retailers 297.00 c  +1.37% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Land Securities (LAND) Real Estate 926.00 c  -0.68% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Legal & General (LGEN) Life Insurance 254.60 c  -1.63% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Lloyds Banking (LLOY) Banks 64.91 c  -1.97% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
London Stock Exchange (LSE) General Financial 4135.00 c  -1.41% Hold  Growth    Medium   
Marks & Spencer (MKS) General Retailers 268.70 c  +1.17% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Mediclinic International (MD... Health Care Equip 559.40 c  -1.30% Hold  Growth    Medium   
Micro Focus International (M... S'ware & Comp. Services 958.20 c  +4.85% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Mondi (MNDI) Forestry & Paper 1903.50 c  -0.39% Buy   Balanced    Medium   
Morrison (Wm) (MRW) Food & Drug Retailers 205.60 c  -0.24% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
NMC Health (NMC) Health Care Equip 3354.00 c  +0.36% Hold  Growth    Higher  
National Grid (NG.) Gas, Water & Utilities 756.00 c  -0.25% Buy   Income    Lower  
Next (NXT) General Retailers 4978.00 c  +7.67% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Old Mutual (OML) Life Insurance 239.50 c  -3.20% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Paddy Power Betfair (PPB) Travel & Leisure 7365.00 c  -0.87% Hold  Growth    Medium   
Pearson (PSON) Media 759.40 c  -0.11% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Persimmon (PSN) Construction & Materials 2492.00 c  +0.24% Hold  Balanced    Higher  
Prudential (PRU) Life Insurance 1827.00 c  -1.43% Buy   Balanced    Lower  
RSA Insurance (RSA) Non-life insurance 625.00 c  -0.86% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Randgold Resources (RRS) Mining 5924.00 c  +2.95% Buy   Growth    Higher  
Reckitt Benckiser (RB.) Household Goods & Home Construction 5883.00 c  -0.51% Buy   Balanced    Lower  
Relx (REL) Media 1440.50 c  -1.10% Buy   Balanced    Lower  
Rentokil Initial (RTO) Support Services 268.20 c  -1.65% Hold  Growth    Medium   
Rio Tinto (RIO) Mining 3569.00 c  -0.49% Buy   Balanced    Medium   
Rolls-Royce (RR.) Aerospace & Defense 859.60 c  -2.31% Buy   Balanced    Medium   
Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Banks 254.80 c  -1.43% Sell    Growth    Medium   
Royal Dutch Shell B (RDSB) Oil & Gas Producers 2251.00 c  -0.07% Buy   Income    Medium   
Royal Mail (RMG) Industrial Transportation 528.40 c  +0.72% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
SSE (SSE) Electricity 1230.50 c  +1.53% Hold  Income    Medium   
Sage (SGE) S'ware & Comp. Services 644.80 c  -0.55% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Sainsbury (J) (SBRY) Food & Drug Retailers 227.40 c  -0.66% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Schroders Vtg (SDR) General Financial 3227.00 c  -1.26% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Scottish Mortgage Inv Tst (S... Equity Inv Instruments 438.60 c  -1.58% Hold  Growth    Medium   
Segro (SGRO) Real Estate 591.20 c  -0.71% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Severn Trent (SVT) Gas, Water & Utilities 1706.50 c  -0.38% Hold  Income    Lower  
Shire (SHP) Pharma & Biotech. 2983.00 c  -0.52% Hold  Growth    Medium   
Sky (SKY) Media 1305.00 c  -0.46% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Smith & Nephew (SN.) Health Care Equip 1299.00 c  -0.84% Buy   Growth    Medium   
Smith (DS) (SMDS) General Industrials 475.00 c  -0.40% Buy   Balanced    Higher  
Smiths Group (SMIN) General Industrials 1469.00 c  -4.39% Buy   Balanced    Medium   
Smurfit Kappa (SKG) General Industrials 3046.00 c  +0.72% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
St James's Place (STJ) Life Insurance 1093.00 c  -1.53% Buy   Balanced    Medium   
Standard Chartered (STAN) Banks 713.60 c  -1.87% Hold  Growth    Medium   
Standard Life Aberdeen (SLA) General Financial 367.00 c  -1.37% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
TUI (TUI) Travel & Leisure 1511.50 c  -0.98% Buy   Balanced    Medium   
Taylor Wimpey (TW.) Construction & Materials 184.50 c  +0.52% Hold  Growth    Higher  
Tesco (TSCO) Food & Drug Retailers 202.50 c  +0.15% Hold  Balanced    Medium   
Unilever (ULVR) Food Producers 3744.00 c  -0.37% Buy   Balanced    Lower  
United Utilities (UU.) Gas, Water & Utilities 665.40 c  -0.69% Buy   Income    Lower  
Vodafone (VOD) Mobile Telecom 193.82 c  +0.66% Buy   Income    Lower  
WPP (WPP) Media 1095.00 c  -0.27% Buy   Balanced    Medium   
Whitbread (WTB) Travel & Leisure 3663.00 c  -0.27% Hold  Balanced    Medium   

The above is priced as of 24 MAR 2018 at 06:26. Valued using at least 15 minute delayed prices (where available)

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