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Fund tips 2017

Our expert fund manager Andy Parsons tips three funds for 2017.

2017 has certainly witnessed a number of what were perceived at the time as potentially destabilising events, namely European elections and the UKs decision to invoke article 50. Strong rhetoric and a raft of initiatives promised by Donald Trump at the time of his election and inauguration are yet to manifest themselves, with a number consigned to the too difficult to do now pile. And yet despite all of the above, we enter the final throws of the summer, with markets continually showing an air of optimism and euphoria. Whether the optimism can be maintained through the remainder of 2017 remains to be seen. I’m therefore tipping three funds that we believe remain capable of weathering and possibly even benefiting from any future market turbulence that may lie ahead.


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Originally published: 28/12/2016

Last updated: 21/08/2017

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