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Find funds quickly and easily

Scan and filter the market efficiently with our easy-to-use search tools.

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Funds provide you with an easy way to reduce your overall level of investment risk, while removing the need to select and manage your own investments.

The Share Centre's one-stop investment dealing and custody service allows you to invest in a wide variety of funds, with the flexibility to switch between different funds. And, you have access to the UK’s leading fund managers all in one place.

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Our funds of funds

Spread your risk with our three funds of funds: cautious, balanced or adventurous.

Platinum 120

We believe our range of hand picked funds have the best management and long term prospects. These funds help narrow down your choice and are very cost-effective too.

Target funds

Target funds are a great way to invest for your chosen target such as retirement, since they can provide you with a complete portfolio in a single fund.

ETP preferred list

ETP preferred list

Choose the right exchange-traded fund or commodity for you with our preferred list.