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IP Group director deals (IPO)

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Latest Deals

Traded Action Notifier PriceAmountValue
27-Nov-17 Exercise of option Angela Leach 0.000p 35,240 £0.00
27-Nov-17 Exercise of option David Baynes 0.000p 25,981 £0.00
27-Nov-17 Exercise of option Greg Smith 0.000p 38,230 £0.00
27-Nov-17 Exercise of option Mike Townend 0.000p 48,005 £0.00
27-Nov-17 Exercise of option Alan John Aubrey 0.000p 75,747 £0.00

Largest Deals (365 days)

Traded Action Notifier PriceAmountValue
09-Jun-17 Placing Alan John Aubrey 140.00p 35,714 £49,999.60
09-Jun-17 Placing Mike Townend 140.00p 7,692 £10,768.80
09-Jun-17 Placing Greg Smith 140.00p 7,142 £9,998.80
09-Jun-17 Placing David Baynes 140.00p 7,142 £9,998.80
09-Jun-17 Placing Michael Humphrey 140.00p 6,153 £8,614.20

Director Shareholdings

Notifier Holding Value*
Alan John Aubrey 2,602,112 £2,877,936
Mike Townend 1,159,522 £1,282,431
Greg Smith 344,591 £381,118
David Baynes 259,189 £286,663
Michael Humphrey 86,153 £95,285
Jonathan Brooks 64,616 £71,465
Angela Leach 35,240 £38,975

* Value is calculated by using the current share price multiplied by the amount held.

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