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New Profit Watch UK

A quarterly report analysing the revenues and profitability of the top 350 UK companies.

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The second quarter is an important reporting season. Almost a quarter of the top 350 listed companies report annual results during this period. We call these first quarter figures because these companies all closed their books between January and March 2015.

In the year to March, wage growth accelerated in the UK, unemployment fell, and economic growth was strong. The trends in our latest report demonstrate how mid-sized companies continue to outperform their larger counterparts as the UK economy powers ahead. With the global economy less robust, and with the headwind of a strong pound, multinational businesses have done less well, though there are fewer of them in the latest cohort of companies reporting their annual results.

The report shows all the trends in the UK’s leading companies’ sales and profits, from gross margin through to profits after tax. We hope you enjoy reading the Profit Watch UK report.

  • Key analysis of the top 350 UK companies
  • Data on revenues and growth
  • Information on profits
  • A look at profit margins

For each company we analyse key profit and loss metrics and further analysis, such as return on equity. We report on an aggregate level, looking at sector and index trends, in order not to lose the big picture. The market metrics are split by sector and indices and there is further analysis on the top 10 stocks.