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A quarterly report analysing the revenues and profitability of the top 350 UK companies.

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With slumping oil prices, turmoil for emerging market and the end of an era of ultra low interest rates is there plenty of choice for investors to find companies enjoying rapid growth?

emerging markets

encouraging revenue growth

Companies collectively achieved a revenue rise 0.4% on a like for like basis. We look in detail at some of those individual companies who achieved positive results and why they may have done well.

Profit margins expand

Gross profit margins rise year on year as companies control costs and focus on higher value sales.

Growth of operating profits

Mid-cap operating profits rose 11.9% (like-for-like), benefitting from UK economic growth.

Asset write downs

Overall profits from entire 350 over the last year hit hard by a handful of big sectors such as oil, gas and food retail.

Conclusion and outlook

With the UK’s largest sectors suffering global headwinds, stock-picking
is key