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New Profit Watch UK

A quarterly report analysing the revenues and profitability of the top 350 UK companies.

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The third quarter sees fewer sets of annual results than earlier in the year. The latest group of companies nevertheless comprise a good cross section of the UK stock market, with commodity and consumer companies, multinationals and mid-caps. In the latest Profit Watch UK report, we set out the headline numbers for all those in the top 350 that reported, and we provide adjusted numbers, which take into account changes in the index, enabling us to assess like-for-like performance. The charts show headline numbers only. Typically, the adjusted and the headline profit numbers are closer together than the equivalent revenue numbers. This is because companies with low and falling profitability tend to disappear from the index as those with rising profits replace them. The revenues and cost bases needed to generate these profits, however, can obviously be quite different.

We call this the second quarter data, because it covers companies whose financial year ends were up to the end of June, though they reported in the third quarter. The report shows all the trends in the UK’s leading companies’ sales and profits, from gross margin through to profits after tax. We hope you enjoy reading the Profit Watch UK report.

  • Key analysis of the top 350 UK companies
  • Data on revenues and growth
  • Information on profits
  • A look at profit margins

For each company we analyse key profit and loss metrics and further analysis, such as return on equity. We report on an aggregate level, looking at sector and index trends, in order not to lose the big picture. The market metrics are split by sector and indices and there is further analysis on the top 10 stocks.