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Spotting value opportunities in a booming market

The stock market has had an excellent year so far, however some companies have not shared the market's success. Investment Research Analyst, Helal Miah, looks at five value opportunities with long-term recovery potential.

Helal Miah

Finding Value in Record Markets

Stock markets around the world have soared to record levels in recent months, led by the Dow Jones, and the reaction among investors has been mixed. Ian Forrest discusses whether there may still be value to be found in corners of the market.


The trouble with travel stocks

Investment research analyst, Helal Miah, reviews the travel and leisure sector including airlines, tour operators and entertainment destination companies such as Merlin.

7 Higher Risk Stocks

With the FTSE 100 up by around 7% since the start of December, there has been a growth in confidence and an increase in investors' appetite for risk which has followed through into the new year.

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