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Michael Baxter

  • Michael Baxter

    Economics Commentator

    Michael Baxter is an economics / business / investment / technology writer and entrepreneur. As a writer he is prolific. In the last two years for example, he has written around 1,000 articles for The Share Centre or just over one million words, roughly the equivalent of five copies of The Lord of the Rings. In the last three years, he has written two books: the latest iDisrupted was co-written with John Straw and is about disruptive technology. It is due for release in the second half of 2014. His previous book, The Blindfolded Masochist, was about networks and why they can be self-destructive.

    He is known for his entertaining writing style. A tad quirky and often controversial, his writing is thought provoking and never dull.

    Previously he has been a full time investor, a founder-share holder of a technology company, which was floated on the NASDAQ, and a director of a PR company specialising in the computer industry.

    Michael has always believed passionately in the power of technology to be a catalyst for economic change.

    He has a degree in economics.

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